RFC: Apps using KF5 & deprecated API - preferred flags to disable/enable warnings and/or API?


developer using KDE Frameworks libraries in your projects, how would you like
to be able to control warnings about deprecated API in those libraries? Or
control the visibility of deprecated API to your code when building?

There is a prototype to enhance KDE Frameworks API, so developers building
against KDE Frameworks libraries could use flags like

as well as individual specializations per library, e.g.

following the similar macros introduced with Qt 5.13.

Additionally this feature also would allow to do custom builds of the KF
libraries without code for the deprecated API:
So apps bundling the libraries (AppImage, APK, DMG, etc) could save a bit on
size, if they do not need the deprecated API.

This prototype is ECMGenerateExportHeader, up at <a href="" title=""></a>

So, would those macros be useful to you in your KF5-using projects?
Where would you like things differently?