SQL Query tool - incubator

Hi all,

i would like to check if there is some interest into including SQL tool
into KDE and helping with development. So far the project has (had) two
developers, me and asw-dev (from github, do not know his actual name).

This was started because, afaik, there is no application in Qt5 that fits
into KDE that provides this functionality.

Anyhow, the code and how it looks like is here:
<a href="" title=""></a>
Some things are missing, some things are not working best, but overall it
does work.

Incubator requirements, per point:

- Compliance with the KDE Manifesto -> this is currently hosted on
github, but it is not a problem to move it to kde infrastructure (gitlab)
- Governance similar to the other KDE projects -> i cant really judge
this since this has been a small effort. what does this exactly mean?
- Clear product vision -> product vision is described in readme. not
sure if this enough.
- Healthy team (healthy proportion of volunteers, inclusive towards new
contributors, ideally more than one developer) -> this is one of the
issues. reason for reaching out is lack of developer time.
- Uses English for code and communication -> ok
- Continuity agreement must be in place with KDE e.V. for domains and
trademarks if the authors disappear -> ok
- Recommended to attend Akademy -> this generally is ok, but cannot
promise since i have to take days off for this.

According to asw-dev, it is ok to put it into KDE incubator if the license
stays the same (GPLv3), so this could be a potential issue i guess.

Let me know what you think.

BR, Miroslav.