Error "The process for the file protocol died unexpectedly." in KDE 5 apps which use KDE 4 libraries

Hi all,

I get the error "The process for the file protocol died unexpectedly."
if I press, for example, File/Open" or "File/Save in Okular (version
0.26.1). All apps with that error message are using KDE development
platform 4.14.26 (Information of Help/About <programname>, the
dependencies and "lsof -p PID").
I'm wondering about that, because the concerned programs are KDE 5
programs and as far as I know, KDE 4 libraries and programs are

I got that error message at the first time after a upgrade (I'm using
Debian testing).

Plasma search and one other

Panic over. Some how I had picked up gnome tracker.

It all started when I noticed some odd memory usage changes and got the impression that there were 2 cataloguing thingies at work. I'm not keen on them.

When I looked at kde search setting I had disabled file indexing but noticed that when I disabled the plugins that the were re enabled when I logged back into the desktop so thought that the problem was down to that.

There's no sign of baloo in memory and tracker has now gone. Looking at it's directories it's a crawler and had managed to get up to 1gb. Baloo 1.8gb.

Plasma search and one other

I didn't realise that this was running but noticed it with all of the options selected in kdesettings-search so unchecked all. Done I thought except when I looked again after a reboot which meant logging in again and all were active. This seems to be caused by just logging out of the desktop and back in again. Tried it several times and it always happens - deselect all and log back in and they are all active again. I did click apply when I deselected.

Is there some way of really stopping it from running.

Where kde saves user settings ?

Can anyone tell me where kde stores things like

Start button menu content.
Task bar content.
The state a user left when they logged out so that windows will mostly be restored etc.

Think I have covered all that would be needed but maybe there are others?

It's pretty obvious where some apps keep their states but I'm having problems finding out where kde stores similar things.


Icon size in Okular and other applications


I've got Plasma 5 on a HiDPI monitor (Apple MacBookPro 12,1, retina display).
With some tuning, I've managed to set the right size for most icons on my
desktop and many applications.

However, there are some applications where icons are still too small. One
example is Okular and the icons of the menu entries, as you can see in the
attached screenshot. There are also other applications with similar little

Is there anything I can do to change the size of these icons?

sddm greeter.

Questions not directly related to kde but it's a kde app.

I'm still looking at running different desktops on a per user basis and unlike others sddm seems to have what's needed. According to the arch wiki this can be spec'd per user name.

This is done in /etc/sddm.conf however there is more in /usr/share/sddm. That seems to be where faces and themes are spec'd. Also facilities to run scripts before log in and after log out.

reduce height of KDE kicker icon

I recently updated to Fedora 25, KDE 4.14.29 and the icon for the kicker
("K") menu is much too tall, no matter what size of icon to put in it.
There's no way to resize it through the UI, nor any config file I can find.

How do I reduce its height?

Trying other desktops in different user accounts.

Not that I am changing from kde but I want to try this and at some point it will be kde in a different user account so that playing around wont mess up the one I usually use.

I just did this by creating an account that ran lxde. ;-) Ram usage lower than kde but I'd say similar cpu usage. I do wonder about that sort of thing as I loaded kde4 into nvg netbook and it was OK. Unlike the windows it came with.

I'm using opensuse leap42,2. I couldn't find a way of avoiding loading kde into the user account first and then adding lxde and then selecting that on login to the desktop.

Options to right click and open to view some how.

If I am having problems and need to start poking about in system files that don't have an association I have to scroll through all of the alternatives to get to say kwrite.

That has been driving me nuts for years at times. I had to use windows at work and it's easy to add things to a right click there that will always be present what ever is clicked on.

Is there anything that I can edit to add options to a right click in kde 5.26 ? Associations aren't on as some have no suffix.


Zig zag side edges when I move a window around quickly

Thought I might mention this. It's not running on a slow machine etc. KDE5.26 27"monitor 2560x1440

Curious thing is that it's worse over the desktop and not so bad if it's over another window and often stays straight. No problems with the top and bottom even if it's just moved up and down. The side to side on the edges was easy to notice and no signs of this on 4 at all.

Maybe wayland might help at some point. If any one on here has access to those people please ask them not to forget graphic tablets users. I use a hanvon. Some one maintains a driver.

Being asked to run or open when I click on some files.

I usually use a right click to open files. When I click on them I expect them to run particularly .desktop files.

Thought I might be able to fix this in associations expecting to see options such as launch, run, prompt or what ever but it seems to be build into kde and open then follows associations.

Is there any way I can get rid of the prompt and just run them. Maybe a script that can be edited. The approach seems a bit nanny to me to be built in but could be a useful selectable option.


KWin5 and colour scheme special application setting


I just noticed something weird with KWin5's feature that allows to force special settings to a given application. I thought I'd use it to give Spotify windows a dark titlebar to match the application's dark design. That works fine in itself (with the "Breeze Dark" palette), but KWin's context menu doesn't adapt completely: the menu item text is rendered in the palette's light colour but the menu background keeps my main palette's almost white colour. The result is barely readable.

Is this a glitch in my widget style (QtCurve) or a glitch in KWin?


Sound probem using optical out from the card.

I've just upgraded from a middling kde4 to kde 5.26. opensues leap 42.2

I get grunts before any sound plays and another later when the sound service drops out. Web page updates sometimes cause them too, sort oh we may need sound problem by the look of it as they don't always generate any sound so just get the grunt and later another when sound drops out.

The problem may be that phonon isn't offering me a digital output only an iec958 one. Leap's YAST sound set up utility shows 2 aux volumes, one for iec958 and another for digital. Sound's fine here. The iec one doesn't do anything.

Notes widget: semi-transparent background

I'm in plasma 5 and I'm customizing the breeze dark theme. In my
metadata.desktop file I've got the following values in the ContrastEffetct


Thanks to them, the panel, the menu, notifications, etc. are not completely
transparent, so readability is improved.

How can I apply such parameters to the Notes widget as well? Currently, if I
choose a translucent background, the widget becomes completely transparent.

Fedora Release Notes don't mention KDE anymore

I've been looking at Fedora Release Notes and starting in Fedora 23 there's no mention of KDE in the "Changes for Fedora Desktop users" link, e.g.,

<a href="" title=""></a>

Is this by design?

Troubles connecting BT Headset in KdeNeon


I have some kind of trouble configuring my bt headset. At first, BT recognized
it and "see" the headset, but when I'm try to configure it in system
preferencies It became impossible.
Searching the web I found the following workaround:

Bug and possible solution: actually I found a bug in that make the headset
unusable, it seems that the pulse audio module: module-bluetooth-discover
works only if started after the X11 session is up.

Plasma 5: screen locker font color

I am on Plasma 5, and I've been using the pre-installed Breeze Dark theme for
some time, but now I've just installed the Naked desktop theme [1], through
the Get new Theme functionality in System Settings.

I like it, but there is one thing that annoys me. The font color in the screen
locker used to be white in Breeze Dark, as well as any other standard theme,
but in Naked it is black. Since I use a pretty dark background image in the
screen locker, readability is low.

Screen power saves and goes off and desktop is lost on power up


I've got a situation where if i leave my computer long enough, with myself
logged in, that the built power save on the screen turns the screen off, the
desktop is lost (its a clack screen) when the screen comes on again, my only
solution is to ctrl-alt-backspace.
Anyone else with this issue?



Question about Multitasking on Plasma


I've found that if i context switch from Ctrl-Alt-F7 to Ctrl-Alt-F1 (e.g. Just
immediately after entering the password and pressing <cr>), processing seems
to stop on the graphical login. Is this normal?





Should the "About System" page be updated to include the release number for
KDE Applications?


what component does the screenlocking?


Sorry for cross-posting, I'm hoping it'll increase my chances of reaching someone who has an answer to the following.

After upgrading my hardware to an N3150-based notebook, my KUbuntu 14.04 install has developed an annoying quirk. From time to time, the screensaver fails to start (= I get the default bluish background image, nothing more).

Move window to this or all desktop

Hi - I need a little help with this:

I use 4 virtual desktops and often pulls a windows from another desktop
to the currently active one. But lately - it took a while before I
realized that I did not just hit the wrong menu item - when I right
click on the program in the taskbar and select "Move to desktop" it
makes no difference if I select "Move to this" or "Move to all" (reverse
translated from Danish).

Keyboard not working in KDM

Hi list!

I'm installing my new PC, using Debian 8 and KDE.

Well, the basic are installed and it works, but I have a strange problem...
If I want to log in, I don't have any problem, but if I want to shutdown the
PC, I can't type the admin-password (so I configured KDM).
I use KDE 4.11.13 from Debian repositories and I can send the configuration
files you need.

Can someone help me solving this problem?

Luca Bertoncello
(<a href="mailto: ... at lucabert dot de"> ... at lucabert dot de</a>)

KDE configuration outside of the GUI


RedHat 6 desktops:

I have googled as extensively as I can, and I haven’t seem an answer
to my query. I would like to configure krfb on a number of systems
and this will be recurring a lot. To be able to scale, I am looking
on a way to set up VNC, without always going through the GUI,
essentially, something like this document below, but CLI centric

<a href="" title=""></a>

Would appreciate any pointer at the moment


KDE version 1.x

I don't know how much interest there will be.

But for those who are interested in being able to see and use a piece of
history, some of you may know that one of the KDE developers had done a
bunch of work on KDE version 1 to be able to run it on a modern Linux
system. There really aren't any instructions on getting it compiled and up
and running however, and it's not entirely straightforward.

I wanted to see if anyone was interested in binaries so they can try it out
for themselves without having to compile it. I've made a tarball with
working 32-bit binaries including necessary libraries.

favorites not dragable in Kmail

Dear all,

I use Kmail 5.3 that ships with maui 2.1 (see attached screenshot). In Kmail I
cannot manually sort / drag the favorite folders.

I have set the option to manually drag the favorites as can be seen in the

Is this a known bug?

Thank you very much for a short hint!

Kind regards,

I. Thomas

FTP with SSL/TLS in Dolphin

Hi, is there a reason why FTP with SSL/TSL (ftps://) has not been implemented
in Dolphin?

There are some wishlist bug reports about, like the following from from 2003:
<a href="" title=""></a>

There was a kio-ftps, but it didn't work very well. Furthermore, it hasn't
been ported to Plasma / KF 5.

I wonder whether this protocol is somehow discouraged, or it's just a missing

App-capturing plasmoid

Eons ago, there was a dockapp for WindowMaker that could capture an X11
application and contain its window within the dockapp tile.

The equivalent for KDE Plasma would be a plasmoid which would wrap an

Is there such a thing? It'd be insanely useful; I'd love to be able to capture
a Chrome window as a widget on the desktop, for example; I'd be able to stick
my ticket tracker view in a widget, open a ticket in a new tab, drag that tab
out into a separate window. I could also embed virt-manager.

Automating actions on network conditions

I have a VPN (defined in NetworkManager) I use to access my work-related
resources. I would like to set up a trigger to launch a handful of tasks when
that VPN comes up. Nothing particularly fancy, just my ticketing and system
monitoring dashboards.

Is there already an intrinsic mechanism within KDE that I can use to trigger
actions on network status changes?

plasma data engine / property loop


trying to fix the systemload applet (and new to QML), how can one solve the problem:
- a data engine delivers the number of CPU cores
- depending on this number, I need to separately "connect" to additional sources in this data engine

This creates a property loop.
dataSources array depends on cores, but cores is set from dataSources

E.g. (pseudo code)

property int cores: 0
dataSources: sources()

function sources() { ... create array depending on property "cores", like "cpu/cpu<core index>/nice" ... }

onNewData: { cores = data.value }

Klipper - snippets

I have a feature request for Klipper: snippets! I can't even begin to say
how convenient having sticky entries that I can click on and then paste
wherever I need it. If you need an example of how these work, look either
at the Snippets plugin for glipper or the Snippet menu in ClipMenu (Mac).

Writing a search helper

If I wanted to write a search helper so that desktop search could search, say
a Bugzilla or Mantis bug database, where would I find the documentation for the
relevant component to tie into?

plasma5 download progress notification


just upgraded to openSuse Leap 42.2 which comes with plasma5.

Now I often get a notification popup (like the one attached) when I e.g. click on some
Hyperlink and konqueror should open a web page.

Anybody knows how to get rid of this ?

I found that I can disable ALL "file transfers and other jobs", however a file transfer notification
is useful and I want to keep this, but it's annoying to get a popup when a webserver just takes
a few more seconds to respond.
It also seems the "Connection Preferences" settings are ignored, where I already have set
server response to 600 seconds.

Black screen after KDE 5 logo (with log)

I compiled and installed KDE 5 (Frameworks 5.28.0 and Plasma
5.8.4) from scratch succesfuly, but after the SDDM login, there's only
a black screen with a cursor.

If I start xterm from the console, it appears. What's
interesting is that I can start fine KDE 4 from the SDDM (only KDE 5
shows this problem, so my conclusion is that the X and graphics setup
are fine).

Kwin 5.8.4 fails with "file not recognized" (plugins/platforms/wayland/ /usr/local/lib)

I'm compiling Kwin 5.8.4 and I get this error:

[ 88%] Linking CXX shared module
cd /home/fraga/git/kde5/kwin/b/plugins/platforms/wayland && /usr/local/bin/cmake -E cmake_link_script CMakeFiles/KWinWaylandWaylandBackend.dir/link.txt --verbose=1
/usr/local/bin/c++ -fPIC -march=native -O3 -pipe -I/usr/xorg/include -I/usr/xorg/include -std=c++0x -fno-exceptions -Wall -Wextra -Wcast-align -Wchar-subscripts -Wformat-security -Wno-long-long -Wpointer-arith -Wundef -Wnon-virtual-dtor -Woverloaded-virtual -Werror=return-type -O3 -DNDEBUG -Wl,--no-undefined -Wl,--fatal-war



mit freundlichen Grüßen
Jürgen Sauer



for some time now I've been using a KDE session running i3wm as windowmanager
in the background (basically identical to this configuration [0]): I set up i3
to be used as the sessions windowmanager and place some file in the autostart
directory, in order to make krunner and the plasmashell to start with the
'Hidden=true' option.

Now with Plasma 5.75 the graphical configuration option in the systemsettings
is gone. The '--windowmanager' option of the ksmserver is still there, so I
can still make my usual setup work.



for some time now I've been using a KDE session running i3wm as windowmanager
in the background (basically identical to this configuration [0]): I set up i3
to be used as the sessions windowmanager and place some file in the autostart
directory, in order to make krunner and the plasmashell to start with the
'Hidden=true' option.

Now with Plasma 5.75 the graphical configuration option in the systemsettings
is gone. The '--windowmanager' option of the ksmserver is still there, so I
can still make my usual setup work.


What's happening with
It is forwarding me to which currently only serves invalid request replies.


Willing to pay for kmail help

I run a small business and use kmail Today it just quit, saying that akonadi won't start. I can't start it and thus can't get to my email (<a href="mailto: ... at lawquest dot com"> ... at lawquest dot com</a>).

If anyone is kind enough to help, I will pay at least $100 to get it going and more if need be.

Since kmail is down, I am having to use my old aol email (<a href="mailto: ... at aol dot com"> ... at aol dot com</a>).


John White
White Law Chartered
335 W 1st St.
Reno, NV 89503 USA

775-322-8000 work
775-313-9104 (sip phone)
775-322-1228 (fax)

Kmail 5.1.3 spell checking cannot be switched off - freezes Plasma!

Dear all!
I have the problem that spell checking cannot be switched off. I know the
switches for this, but still when I want to send the email the spell checking
starts and - much worse - after going through it right in the moment when I
want to send the email all buttons are blocked, I can see that CPU activity
rises to about 90% and then Plasma is frozen.

In one account I had German dictionary for regular spell check but English
dictionary for auto correction. I set this both to German, but I suspect there
might be a conflict still "under the hood".

baloo hardly finds anything

Dear all!

While I see impressive Plasma videos with lighting fast search I have to say
that in my case baloo hardly finds anything. I have also installed Recoll and
it finds "everything" in amazing speed, but it is not nicely integrated with

So I would like to get baloo going right and I believe with Mint 18 KDE this
should be possible.

I have all important documents on a separate partition that I have mounted
to my "Dokumente" folder via fstab.

bug? : Kmail message preview pane layout

Dear all!

This is my first email to the KDE mailing list. I hope to contribute fruitfully
to the development of KDE Plasma and KDE apps through sending reasonable

I am not sure, if this way is the best way for my intention, but please
instruct me otherwise, if this email does not fit the purpose of this email
list. And all of you who do contribute to KDE : keep up the GOOD work :-)

I cannot enable the mail message preview pane RIGHT besides the list of
messages. When I switch layout to "below" it works fine. I use Mint 18 KDE as

So what's happening to khotkeys in plasma 5.9?

Running gentoo/kde's live-git kde packages and updating today, I see
commits to gentoo's packages with the comment that khotkeys is going away
in 5.9, but no pointers to upstream discussion as to why or where the
functionality is going, etc.

What's happening to it and why? Where is the functionality moving?

(A pointer to the relevant kde mailing list discussion would probably

pass lid close event from guest to host


I have a question which I believe is KDE-related, though there is a
chance I'm wrong. Perhaps somebody will know more about this.

I'm using VirtualBox 5.1 (latest) with a Linux host & guest, both
Kubuntu 16.04.1, both updated to Plasma 5.6 through backports. I've set
up the host to lock the screen on lid close through the usual GUI
(System Settings / Power Management / ...). This works, except for
when the guest is running in full screen. Then, if I close the lid, the
host doesn't lock.

Making the system dbus aware of a "parallel KF5 prefix"


I've been building and installing Qt5 and select KF5 applications to /opt/local for use "under" my trusty (sic) old KDE4 desktop. I build with full rpaths so I don't have to fool around with LD_LIBRARY_PATH or ldconfig.

Help required to get started.

Hi...I am new to open source and would like to contribute to kde.

I have basic work experience of working in Qt Creator with C++. Though I
don't know much but would like to learn. I also have plans to work for
projects in Season of KDE and Google summer of code.

Any help to get me started would be appreciated.


Qt 5.6LTS vs 5.7+


A bit of a generic development question, I hope this is at least as appropriate a place to ask as the frameworks-devel ML:

Are there any plans or guidelines for requiring features from Qt 5.7 or later before the 5.6LTS EOL? In other words, does the fact that Qt 5.6 is supposed to be a LTS release change anything and, by extension, should distributions and distribution systems provide 5.6 and 5.7+ alongside (as drop-in alternatives or otherwise)?


partly missing rpath information when building digikam5 for a parallel prefix


I've been building Qt5 and KF5 for installation into a parallel prefix (/opt/local) that's not declared to ldconfig. I've had to figure out how to build Qt and configure KF5 applications such that full rpath information is stored, but that was neither very difficult nor did it require any patches.
I'm slowly expanding the number of KF5 apps I have installed this way, including pretty complex ones like KDevelop.

KDE Source Code

I am not sure that I have this in the correct mailing list. But I thought I
would start here.

I'm trying to get my hands on the source code tarballs for KDE 1.1.x. I've
found as old as 2.2.2 on the KDE servers but haven't found anything older
than that.

Does someone somewhere happen to have this source code? I've searched and
searched and can't seem to find it.

Thanks in advance!

Re: [kde] taskbar "tooltips"

On Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 1:05 AM, Felix Miata < ... at earthlink dot net> wrote:

taskbar "tooltips"

I suppose that's what they're called. Hovering over the toolbar where an open
app is represented, a popup occurs with the app name, and a miniaturization
of the window itself. Is this configurable to get rid of the miniaturization
and only show text? I looked through settings and Googled and found nothing
helpful. The large size caused by the window's image is a seriously annoying
window blocker when the mouse is left where a click occurred to focus that
app's window.

unexpected "show desktop" shortcut (KDE4)


I hit an accidental and as yet unidentified shortcut and am now seeing a "Show Desktop" entry in the task switcher. I'm 95% sure I deactivated the "Show Desktop Icon" option in the task switcher settings. Is there a shortcut to activate this option?

To give an idea what keys I may have hit: I triggered this by a borked attempt to use the hardware shortcut Fn-F2 (turns off backlighting); the Fn key sits between the Ctrl and "Windows" keys.


Re: [kde] Change background


I now found the configuration files in the user's home directory:

1. The desktop wallpaper is saved in


Appearance of the control bar


in KDE 5, is it possible to change the appearance of the control bar? Its
default font size is much too small, I cannot read any of the window
titles before I move the mouse pointer over the respective icon in the bar


Plasma 5: Akonadi and slow start

Hello. For a long time (Plasma 5, Fedora and ArchLinux) I have noticed that if
use akonadi, the startup time is markedly increased (black screen 1-1.5 minute
after login). I read a lot about this problem, but working solution I haven't
found. Is there a way to use akonadi without effect a slow start?

Re: [kde] Build kdm in KDE 5 environment


I think I have found the lines in cmake output which that describe the

CMake Error at /usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/KDE4Macros.cmake:944
add_test given test NAME "ksysguard-signalplottertest" which already exists
in this directory.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
libs/ksysguard/tests/CMakeLists.txt:21 (kde4_add_unit_test)

CMake Error at /usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/KDE4Macros.cmake:944
add_test given test NAME "ksysguard-signalplottertest" which already exists
in this directory.
Call Stack (most recent call first):

does a gtk kcmshell5 module exist?

If not, why not? I don't see one in kcmshell5 --list output. :-(

Screen flicker with multiple screen set-up

I've been experiencing a screen flicker on one of my monitors when running
a setup of three external monitors after exiting the "Screen Energy Saving"
mode from no activity.

The following is what I am running:

- Kubuntu 16.04
- KDE Plasma 5.6.5
- KDE Frameworks 5.23.0
- Qt Version 5.5.1
- Kernel: 4.4.0-31
- Dell Latitude E7450
- Intel HD 4000 Integrated graphics chipset
- Three external monitors:
- 2 x DVI
- 1 x VGA

I've tried:

- Switching amongst all three compositors (OpenGL 3.1, OpenGL 2.0,
- Upgraded kernel to 4.6.x
- export KWIN

Build kdm in KDE 5 environment


as none of the current display managers offers all features I'd like to
have (but kdm does), I tried to build kde-workspace 4.11.14 in Ubuntu
16.04 . But though kdm 4.11.11 package from Ubuntu 14.04 can be installed
in 16.04, I got build errors. Then, I just took the kde-workpsace 4.11.11
package sources from Ubuntu 14.04 and did two small changes: Removed
nepomuk-core (not available in Ubuntu 16.04) dependency in debian/control
and CMakeLists.txt, and changed libboost-version to 1.58 in

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