RE: [resolved] need to launch multiple instances; no Tabs ....

sorry if this gets to you twice, i don't recall I posted
what happened with this:

issue was unintended consequence of my customization.

i had:

System Settings->Windows Behavior->Windows Behavior->Advanced tab

checked the Windows Tabbing's Automatically group similar windows.

i have un-checked that box now.

Thank you,

FHDATA wrote on 07/18/2017 07:49 PM:

need to launch multiple instances; no Tabs ....


I am new using KDE 4.14.8

Due to my work I need to have multiple (in order of dozen)
sessions open. Looking/working with tabs gives me
headache (losing productivity).

How can I launch separate instances of Konsole? or even xterm?
As many as I like... It's my computer ;-)

By separate instance meaning a new Konsole or xterm window (not
just another tab in same window).

Thank you,

Re : Slowness in Graphics display

Dear All,

I downloaded KDE recently and it was working fine for few hours and then
slow down.

I check and found few things :

1. - intel_powerclamp
- intel_rapl
- intel_rapl_perf
- x86_pkh_temp_thermal

I removed from module loading list and I can see some improvements.

2. I try to remove nouveau graphics and intent to use i915 Intel default
I am not able to remove.


Bluetooth transfers fail KDE 4.14.30

[KDE 4.14.30 on Fedora 25]

I used to be able to use Bluetooth to send photos from my Galaxy Note 3 to my
desktop in Fedora 23. Very handy. Now I can't, and I'm not sure how to try to
find out why. All my old settings look normal and were inherited from my old

Where to start?

KDE automounter mounts as root

Why KDE automounter mounts USB stick as root? I can't write it from my
logged desktop. What is the sense in automounter then? As root I can
mount and copy files from console. Filesystem type vfat.

KMail dependence on Akonadi

By what purpose there is KMail dependence on other services? Can it
work standalone?

reset kate autocomplete history


I'm using Debian with KDE 4.14.2 and Kate 3.14.2, and I can't find how
to reset the auto-complete history for certain project, I've generated a
lot of files over the months, and I still get the recommendations from
the first ones, witch are of no use at this time.

Thanks a lot for the help,

Alberto Garza

krecipes with remote mysql server


Any krecipes users on/out here?

I'm trying to set things up so that I can have a central mysql database that's accessible from multiple hosts. I'm a complete newby in this domain, but did manage to follow the instructions [] such that the command

%> mysql -u $logname -h remote_host.local -p

gets me a connection. Not sure if it's really necessary, but that started working after I did a `GRANT ALL ON *.* TO '$logname'@'portia.home';` .

kwin language setting?


Where/how does one set (force) the language used by KWin5 (the X11 version)?


Disable drag from inner window

Hello everyone,

I am KDE user for many years. But in this case I cannot find a solution
for myself.

I am using a touch screen and I want to disable the feature that moves
QT-windows with the mouse from other areas than the title bar.

Any suggestions are welcome :)

Many thanks in advance


download "Attic"


I just discovered that "old" applications versions were moved to an "attic" recently, which broke my packaging.

Was this announced somewhere?


Cashew disappeared from tool bar

The cashew has disappeared from the tool bar.

I can't configure the tool bar without it.

How do I get it back?

Screen blanking much like a blank very dim screen saver

This is one of my pet hates. I use the on off button when I don't want the monitor on.

I have disabled kde power management and did that as soon as I installed kde5. This started happening a couple of days ago. Probably an update some where.

I haven't timed how long it takes to do this but I can't see any settings anywhere to control it. I hadn't noticed that 5 doesn't seem to include a screen saver option but it behaves much like one except the screen goes close to black.

Can't move windows anymore

[KDE 4.14.30 on Fedora 25]

The darnedest thing: suddenly I can't move a window by grabbing the title bar.
Neither full height windows nor dialogs. Others have reported this, but mostly
in past releases. It seems I need to kill the kwin process and restart it with
"kwin --replace". Failing that, logout and back in. I'd rather not do that.

First off, I don't have a "kwin" process, though I do have a "kwin_x11"
process. Secondly, is "kwin --replace" the right way to start kwin?

Issue burning Audio CD's from CUE file

Hello, Everyone
Whenever I rip a CD to my computer that contains segues that would be
messed up by ripping each track to a separate file, I have k3b rip to a
single file and then generate a CUE file of the result.

Banner "I'm going to Akademy"

Hi guys,

The "I'm going to Akademy" banner is ready. You can find it here:

<a href="" title=""></a>

Jens also designed a very nice Konqui/Indalo mascot for the event, which you
can use as you see fit.

TIP: The Konqui/Indalo image is a perfect square. You could use it as an
avatar on you social media until the end of Akademy.



Program for Akademy 2017 Available


The program for Akademy 2017 is also now officially available:

<a href="" title=""></a>

Again, your help in spreading this information will be very much appreciated.



Registration for Akademy 2017 is now open. Don't forget to book your place!


Registration for Akademy 2017 is now open. Help us organise accommodation,
venues and activities by booking your place.

<a href="" title=""></a>

Also help us spread the word by sending, sharing, liking, posting this
information to all your media and social media outlets.

Thank you for your cooperation


Tried to send a bug report and it got rejected. What's the problem?


I just tried to send a bug report and it got rejected. I sent it to the
address specified in the automatically-generated bug report.

The mail system

< ... at kde dot org>: host[] said: 550 5.1.1
< ... at kde dot org>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias
table (in reply to RCPT TO command)

Strange... Does anyone know why this happened? Do I have to send it to
a different address? Or does one have to be previously registered as a
developer for bug reports to be accepted?

Default keyboard layout on login screen

I have two keyboard layout, english and russian.
What I do:
0) Laptop is turned off
1) Turn on laptop
2) I see login screen, keyboard layout is english (it is good)
3) Login
4) Change keyboard layout to russian
5) I lock the screen with Ctrl+Alt+L
6) I see login screen, keyboard layout is russian (it is bad)
How can I get that at (6) I have english keyboard layout?
Thank you a lot.
KDE Plasma 5.9.5

Thanks for KDE!

kmail and malformed dates

I regularly receive mails from my energy provider which, I believe, have an
over-complex and malformed date field.

The latest mail has the date field as:

Kmail is unable to parse this field and, as the date is not present, the mail
becomes the oldest in the mailbox.

I recognize that it is unreasonable to expect kmail to parse badly formatted
dates but if no valid date is found why can kmail not assume today's date,
though not display it, and put the mail at the head of the list?

I have requested a change to be made by the energy provider but

I want compile KDE from source

Hi Friends I want test the new version.

I see the source from <a href="" title=""></a> and I
want compile the latest version from source. Who can helps me ?

Normally I have not problem with:


make && make install

But for KDE what i need to compile all? qt libraries and something
like that for example.

Thanks in advance


Disable program loading icon in taskbar?

Hi; on KDE 4 (4.14.2) when I open a program I get an icon in the taskbar which indicates that the program is loading, it takes up space and I want to remove it. I know I've done this before, I just don't remember where the setting is. Any ideas? Thanks

Changing konsole tab title name adds unwanted text to WM_NAME


I'm using the following on CentOS 7.3:

Qt: 4.8.5
KDE Development Platform: 4.14.8
Konsole: 2.10.5

I've noticed that when I first open konsole, the *WM_NAME properties are as

WM_NAME(STRING) = "Konsole"

But if I change the tab title via something like this:
$ qdbus org.kde.konsole $KONSOLE_DBUS_SESSION
org.kde.konsole.Session.setTabTitleFormat 0 "NewTitle"

Or by using an escape sequence, the *WM_NAME properties are updated thusly:

_NET_WM_NAME(UTF8_STRING) = "NewTitle \342\200\223 Konsole"
WM_NAME(STRING) = "NewTitle ?

Problem with plasmashellrc off ~/.config

I've stopped all of the cataloguing with the aim of bringing it back up in a way I may find useful - ;-) a bit less exuberant.

I thought this was all baloo related but bookmarks still come up when I use the start button search. This seems to be down to plasmashellrc. A line gives a white list of plugins that mention bookmarks also services and baloosearch in my case. Baloo is disabled. So I remove bookmarks from the list and it gets written back in as soon as I use the start button search and up pops the bookmark search panel.

Client rejected by automatic spammer detection system

I'm trying to register with my real name and email to <a href="" title=""></a>
I only get to "Client rejected by automatic spammer detection system"

My KDE keeps forgetting desktop settings and I'm not even able to ask for
Could be similar to <a href=";t=119769" title=";t=119769">;t=119769</a> but
it's unclear what the solution was there.

A few question about KDE

Hello, I am a user of Cinnamon DE and I am determined to switch to KDE.
I have some questions about KDE that I'd be grateful if someone answer
to them.

1. Why the archive of "KDE" mailing list is private?
2. How much KDE is secure?
3. Why some Linux/UNIX guys hates C++?
4. At what level is the code quality of KDE?
5. Is C a bad language for developing big applications?
6. From what area are the most sponsors and donators to KDE?

Thanks and excuse me for bad English.

Pager Widget Modifications?

Hi all,

I'm running the following:

CentOS v7.3
Qt: 4.8.5
KDE Development Platform: 4.14.8

That the latest KDE I could find via yum :(

I have looked in the KDE Store, but so far I have not yet been able to
find a pager widget (or desktop theme) that does not include outlines of
windows. I find that extremely annoying because all I want to see in
the pager is the name of the virtual desktop.

When wayland spreads it looks like no more running gui's as root.

This cropped up on a forum recently.

Unable to remove fuzzy clock plasmoid

I just added the fuzzy clock plasmoid to my desktop. Not knowing the dimensions before it actually appeared, I unwittingly placed it too close to the edge of my screen and half of it is now off-screen.

kjots delete one level upper books

Iam using kjots and want to delete the level upper the book.
I can easily create them but there is no function to delete.

Why openSUSE uses KDE by default?

Hello, please participate in below thread:

<a href="" title=""></a>

: session no longer restores to chosen (virtual) desktop


All of a sudden my Plasma4 session is being restored to a single desktop instead of to the desktops on which windows were open when I saved the session.

I don't use auto-save exactly to avoid this kind of annoyance. I wonder if I touched one of the settings that control this kind of behaviour; can someone please enumerate the settings (in systemsettings) that control related aspects?


git server audit issue


Where does one report issues with the central git server?

I just spent over 30 minutes trying to work around an auditing problem for a problem that I thought I had already resolved locally.
I had committed a file "" by accident in a local working copy, and removed it again 2 commits later when I realised what had happened.

How to configure font size for Qt4 applications?

When running Qt4 applications (there's still quite a few of them), they
use a very tiny font for their UI. When I run the "qtconfig" tool to
configure the font size, it works initially. However, on the next login,
KDE overwrites my ~/.config/Trolltech.conf file and puts this in it:

font="Sans Serif,9,-1,5,50,0,0,0,0,0"

So all Qt4 apps use a 9pt font again, which for me is tiny.

I cannot find a spot in System Settings where that "9" comes from though.

Error "The process for the file protocol died unexpectedly." in KDE 5 apps which use KDE 4 libraries

Hi all,

I get the error "The process for the file protocol died unexpectedly."
if I press, for example, File/Open" or "File/Save in Okular (version
0.26.1). All apps with that error message are using KDE development
platform 4.14.26 (Information of Help/About <programname>, the
dependencies and "lsof -p PID").
I'm wondering about that, because the concerned programs are KDE 5
programs and as far as I know, KDE 4 libraries and programs are

I got that error message at the first time after a upgrade (I'm using
Debian testing).

Plasma search and one other

Panic over. Some how I had picked up gnome tracker.

It all started when I noticed some odd memory usage changes and got the impression that there were 2 cataloguing thingies at work. I'm not keen on them.

When I looked at kde search setting I had disabled file indexing but noticed that when I disabled the plugins that the were re enabled when I logged back into the desktop so thought that the problem was down to that.

There's no sign of baloo in memory and tracker has now gone. Looking at it's directories it's a crawler and had managed to get up to 1gb. Baloo 1.8gb.

Plasma search and one other

I didn't realise that this was running but noticed it with all of the options selected in kdesettings-search so unchecked all. Done I thought except when I looked again after a reboot which meant logging in again and all were active. This seems to be caused by just logging out of the desktop and back in again. Tried it several times and it always happens - deselect all and log back in and they are all active again. I did click apply when I deselected.

Is there some way of really stopping it from running.

Where kde saves user settings ?

Can anyone tell me where kde stores things like

Start button menu content.
Task bar content.
The state a user left when they logged out so that windows will mostly be restored etc.

Think I have covered all that would be needed but maybe there are others?

It's pretty obvious where some apps keep their states but I'm having problems finding out where kde stores similar things.


Icon size in Okular and other applications


I've got Plasma 5 on a HiDPI monitor (Apple MacBookPro 12,1, retina display).
With some tuning, I've managed to set the right size for most icons on my
desktop and many applications.

However, there are some applications where icons are still too small. One
example is Okular and the icons of the menu entries, as you can see in the
attached screenshot. There are also other applications with similar little

Is there anything I can do to change the size of these icons?

sddm greeter.

Questions not directly related to kde but it's a kde app.

I'm still looking at running different desktops on a per user basis and unlike others sddm seems to have what's needed. According to the arch wiki this can be spec'd per user name.

This is done in /etc/sddm.conf however there is more in /usr/share/sddm. That seems to be where faces and themes are spec'd. Also facilities to run scripts before log in and after log out.

reduce height of KDE kicker icon

I recently updated to Fedora 25, KDE 4.14.29 and the icon for the kicker
("K") menu is much too tall, no matter what size of icon to put in it.
There's no way to resize it through the UI, nor any config file I can find.

How do I reduce its height?

Trying other desktops in different user accounts.

Not that I am changing from kde but I want to try this and at some point it will be kde in a different user account so that playing around wont mess up the one I usually use.

I just did this by creating an account that ran lxde. ;-) Ram usage lower than kde but I'd say similar cpu usage. I do wonder about that sort of thing as I loaded kde4 into nvg netbook and it was OK. Unlike the windows it came with.

I'm using opensuse leap42,2. I couldn't find a way of avoiding loading kde into the user account first and then adding lxde and then selecting that on login to the desktop.

Options to right click and open to view some how.

If I am having problems and need to start poking about in system files that don't have an association I have to scroll through all of the alternatives to get to say kwrite.

That has been driving me nuts for years at times. I had to use windows at work and it's easy to add things to a right click there that will always be present what ever is clicked on.

Is there anything that I can edit to add options to a right click in kde 5.26 ? Associations aren't on as some have no suffix.


Zig zag side edges when I move a window around quickly

Thought I might mention this. It's not running on a slow machine etc. KDE5.26 27"monitor 2560x1440

Curious thing is that it's worse over the desktop and not so bad if it's over another window and often stays straight. No problems with the top and bottom even if it's just moved up and down. The side to side on the edges was easy to notice and no signs of this on 4 at all.

Maybe wayland might help at some point. If any one on here has access to those people please ask them not to forget graphic tablets users. I use a hanvon. Some one maintains a driver.

Being asked to run or open when I click on some files.

I usually use a right click to open files. When I click on them I expect them to run particularly .desktop files.

Thought I might be able to fix this in associations expecting to see options such as launch, run, prompt or what ever but it seems to be build into kde and open then follows associations.

Is there any way I can get rid of the prompt and just run them. Maybe a script that can be edited. The approach seems a bit nanny to me to be built in but could be a useful selectable option.


KWin5 and colour scheme special application setting


I just noticed something weird with KWin5's feature that allows to force special settings to a given application. I thought I'd use it to give Spotify windows a dark titlebar to match the application's dark design. That works fine in itself (with the "Breeze Dark" palette), but KWin's context menu doesn't adapt completely: the menu item text is rendered in the palette's light colour but the menu background keeps my main palette's almost white colour. The result is barely readable.

Is this a glitch in my widget style (QtCurve) or a glitch in KWin?


Sound probem using optical out from the card.

I've just upgraded from a middling kde4 to kde 5.26. opensues leap 42.2

I get grunts before any sound plays and another later when the sound service drops out. Web page updates sometimes cause them too, sort oh we may need sound problem by the look of it as they don't always generate any sound so just get the grunt and later another when sound drops out.

The problem may be that phonon isn't offering me a digital output only an iec958 one. Leap's YAST sound set up utility shows 2 aux volumes, one for iec958 and another for digital. Sound's fine here. The iec one doesn't do anything.

Notes widget: semi-transparent background

I'm in plasma 5 and I'm customizing the breeze dark theme. In my
metadata.desktop file I've got the following values in the ContrastEffetct


Thanks to them, the panel, the menu, notifications, etc. are not completely
transparent, so readability is improved.

How can I apply such parameters to the Notes widget as well? Currently, if I
choose a translucent background, the widget becomes completely transparent.

Fedora Release Notes don't mention KDE anymore

I've been looking at Fedora Release Notes and starting in Fedora 23 there's no mention of KDE in the "Changes for Fedora Desktop users" link, e.g.,

<a href="" title=""></a>

Is this by design?

Troubles connecting BT Headset in KdeNeon


I have some kind of trouble configuring my bt headset. At first, BT recognized
it and "see" the headset, but when I'm try to configure it in system
preferencies It became impossible.
Searching the web I found the following workaround:

Bug and possible solution: actually I found a bug in that make the headset
unusable, it seems that the pulse audio module: module-bluetooth-discover
works only if started after the X11 session is up.

Plasma 5: screen locker font color

I am on Plasma 5, and I've been using the pre-installed Breeze Dark theme for
some time, but now I've just installed the Naked desktop theme [1], through
the Get new Theme functionality in System Settings.

I like it, but there is one thing that annoys me. The font color in the screen
locker used to be white in Breeze Dark, as well as any other standard theme,
but in Naked it is black. Since I use a pretty dark background image in the
screen locker, readability is low.

Screen power saves and goes off and desktop is lost on power up


I've got a situation where if i leave my computer long enough, with myself
logged in, that the built power save on the screen turns the screen off, the
desktop is lost (its a clack screen) when the screen comes on again, my only
solution is to ctrl-alt-backspace.
Anyone else with this issue?



Question about Multitasking on Plasma


I've found that if i context switch from Ctrl-Alt-F7 to Ctrl-Alt-F1 (e.g. Just
immediately after entering the password and pressing <cr>), processing seems
to stop on the graphical login. Is this normal?





Should the "About System" page be updated to include the release number for
KDE Applications?


what component does the screenlocking?


Sorry for cross-posting, I'm hoping it'll increase my chances of reaching someone who has an answer to the following.

After upgrading my hardware to an N3150-based notebook, my KUbuntu 14.04 install has developed an annoying quirk. From time to time, the screensaver fails to start (= I get the default bluish background image, nothing more).

Move window to this or all desktop

Hi - I need a little help with this:

I use 4 virtual desktops and often pulls a windows from another desktop
to the currently active one. But lately - it took a while before I
realized that I did not just hit the wrong menu item - when I right
click on the program in the taskbar and select "Move to desktop" it
makes no difference if I select "Move to this" or "Move to all" (reverse
translated from Danish).

Keyboard not working in KDM

Hi list!

I'm installing my new PC, using Debian 8 and KDE.

Well, the basic are installed and it works, but I have a strange problem...
If I want to log in, I don't have any problem, but if I want to shutdown the
PC, I can't type the admin-password (so I configured KDM).
I use KDE 4.11.13 from Debian repositories and I can send the configuration
files you need.

Can someone help me solving this problem?

Luca Bertoncello
(<a href="mailto: ... at lucabert dot de"> ... at lucabert dot de</a>)

KDE configuration outside of the GUI


RedHat 6 desktops:

I have googled as extensively as I can, and I haven’t seem an answer
to my query. I would like to configure krfb on a number of systems
and this will be recurring a lot. To be able to scale, I am looking
on a way to set up VNC, without always going through the GUI,
essentially, something like this document below, but CLI centric

<a href="" title=""></a>

Would appreciate any pointer at the moment


KDE version 1.x

I don't know how much interest there will be.

But for those who are interested in being able to see and use a piece of
history, some of you may know that one of the KDE developers had done a
bunch of work on KDE version 1 to be able to run it on a modern Linux
system. There really aren't any instructions on getting it compiled and up
and running however, and it's not entirely straightforward.

I wanted to see if anyone was interested in binaries so they can try it out
for themselves without having to compile it. I've made a tarball with
working 32-bit binaries including necessary libraries.

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