Installing indic (Hindi, Punjabi) etc keyboard layouts

Ever since I upgraded from KDE4 to Plasma, the keyboard layouts for indian
languages have been missing when I try to add them. I know this was an
issue before with KDE4, and I had to update my xkb installation - some
versions had these language keyboards removed from xkb. I still have an xkb
version installed that includes these languages, but they are missing from
Plasma's list of keyboard layouts.

I have no idea what needs to be changed, or added, to restore these
layouts. Can anyone give me a suggestion as to how to get them back?

About kde sessions

Hi all,

i am playing around with kde sessions,
Usually automatically 'save session when logging out' is set.
Here my questions:
- How to save a session explicitly, entering name and path to store the
session file? How to re-load such session?
- I noticed that restoring session is far from perfection:
- often more than one instance of the same lyx app or dolphin app are
genered. How to avoid such replications?
- Placement at the original activity is not preserved. Can one confirm that

thank you
paolo m.

More users in one session

Hi all,

I would like to manage different work areas through differest 'service'
users, running applications (mainly dolphin, lyx, okular, falkon) in one
kde session.
To that aim, it would be very convenient to tell users by adding proper names
or pictures to the title bar of applications.

How would that be possible?
thank you
paolo m.

Is it possible to set up a script in order to minimize to tray an app in Plasma 5?

I am using the nitrokey app. This is an app running in the tray and handling a
cryptografic token. Unfortunately it opens full screen every time when I log
in, and I would like it to start up at every session but to minimize to tray.
In KDE4 there was an application specific setting but I think in Plasma5 this
is not the case anymore. Therefore I thought about a script...but I do not
know if it is possible, were the script has to be place, if I can (given
correct permissions) make it automatic for every user I wish and how to do

Widget Removed is stuck

First, it created panel on wrong screen: when I right clicked on
Screen 0 and did "Add default panel" it created panel on Screen 1.

Then I tried to move panel to Screen 0. It's counter-intuitive in KDE,
so I always have trouble with this. It somehow removed panel, but left
widget "Task manager" alive.

Then I tried to remove that widget. It's also not easy to find out, so
after some manipulations I finally did it. Then is message is stuck.

Please fix this bug.

Klipper help sought: fully automatic action to replace a clipboard entry

I didn't notice a more appropriate mailing list to ask about this. If there
is one, please point me to that mailing list.

I'd like to fully automatically modify a textual clipboard item using
Klipper and put the modified item back on the clipboard in its modified
state so I can paste that item where needed.

I'd like to do all of this without answering any prompt from Klipper.

GUI scaling


in KDE you can scale the whole display. (use systemsettings / Display
and Monitor / Display / Display scaling)

I try this and set scaling to 1.2. I reboot and found that this not
usable for me. I set this value back to 1.0, reboot, but the scaling is
not reverted :-\ (Now may monitor is to small ;-)

How is the way to get the scaling back to normal? Is there a way without
the use of the systemsettings menu?


BTW: the menu names are translated from german to english. So maybe they
are not accurate.

How to Change Color of Plasma Panel and other Widgets

Hi all,

I have been working on re theming Plasma for myself, and hopefully
eventually for others and have successfully gotten a coherent color scheme
working with the exception of Plasma's Panel/Taskbar and associated widgets.

While the highlight colors seem to be affected by my desktop theme colors,
the background of the panel and associated widgets remains the same and I
can't seem to find a way to change it.

Is there some specific configuration file somewhere which deals with the
background color of the panel that is separate from the KDE Application
color scheme (modified in the KDE pla

systemsettings5/Regional Settings - strange choices


systemsettings5/Regional Setting/Languages
I checked this setting and it was blank so i added Brit English. I'm not sure when this changed to blank as i always change everything regional related when the user is created or soon after if any regional issues occur.

systemsettings5/Regional Setting/Formats
I set "Region" to UK British English (en_gb). The "Detailed Settings" was disabled. I wanted to change the "measurement units" to metric so I enabled the "Detailed Settings".
The "Measurement Units" changed from Imperial to Metric even though the entry said "no change".

kate and yaml


I have a problem using my favorite editor when editing ansible Yaml
files. When I hit Indent or shift indent it breaks the indentation
structure in the file.

Is it possible to add Ansible compatible indentation to kate? Or just
disable the "smart" part, so when I hit tab it does not try to be clever
and just adds 2 spaces and removes 2 for shift-tab

Plasma not starting after new build

<html><head></head><body><div style="font-family: Verdana;font-size: 12.0px;"><div>Hi there,</div>


<div>after successfully building and installing a new system with Qt 5.11.1, KF 5.49.0 and Plasma 5.13.0 I wanted to start plasma via startkde but I had no success at all. After trying over and over to reinstall ...

plasma search in application launcher?


using recent KDE neon (18.04), I see two different "search" approaches
on the desktop:

There's the "plasma search" (triggered by alt+tab on my device) that
searches across a wide range of sources, including packages and running

And there's the "search" in the stock "application launcher" (start
symbol in the task bar) which apparently just searches applications

Is there any way to make the "search" in the "application launcher"
behave like the "plasma search"?

Thanks in advance,

Start menu and "running" application instances?


coming from GNOME and playing with KDE neon, I feel mostly home here
right now except for one thing I didn't manage to set up myself: Is
there a way to, in the applications start menu when searching for
Firefox or Konsole, not start a new instance / window of the application
but rather bring a running instance (if there is one) to front?

Thanks in advance and all the best,

disable akonadi


my favoured GUI is KDE. But since KMail et. al. is such a PITA I don't
use applikation which needs akonadi anymore.

How can I disable akonadi so that there is no restart at each new login?


akonadi / kmail / gmail

Recent versions of kmail / akonadi plays so badly with gmail that it is
extremely irritating and the practical solution for me is restarting akonadi
many times a day using akonadictl restart

This is really annoying not least because spams my desktop three times with
the following unwelcome message,

"We're sorry, No such method 'agentName' in Interface
'org.freeedesktop.Akonadi.AgentManager' at objewct path..."

and only after this message is dismissed three times I get any progress.

Unless someone knows a magic cure for this problem, and it has been
extensively reported in the akonadi

Search window location in new Konsole


since recently, konsole has moved the window to input search patterns from a bar at the bottom to a small window at the upper right. I find this very unpleasant from a usability point of view. Usually you are focused on the very bottom left of the terminal window, where the cursor is. Now, if you use the search, you have to shift your focus all the way up and right to the search bar.

Is there a way to move the search window somewhere else or retain the old behavior?


input devices mouse setting no longer being used.

I have plasma 5.13.2 on Fedora 28.

One of the recent updates broke honoring the mouse settings.
I use left-handed and reversed scroll settings.

Now when I log in I get right-handed and non-reversed scrolling.

If I use the control panel to

1. change from left to right
2. apply
3. change from right to left

Then I have left-handed and the reversed scrolling.

Is this a known problem?

Which display manager do you use?

Good afternoon from Singapore,

Which display manager do you use?


Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming's Academic Qualifications as at 30 Oct 2017

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

<>[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

<>[3] <a href="" title=""></a>


black screen and cursor, and nothing more


i'm making an attempt to switch from trinity desktop environment to
whatever version of plasma is installed when one installs kubuntu-desktop
in ubuntu 16.04. window manager is kwin.

when i select plasma at the login screen, all seems to go well but for the
appearance not of plasma but of a black screen with a mouse cursor. no
clicking of either button produces anything, and the only escape is
ant-f1, login, and rebooting from there.

i'd guess it's a tiny configuration issue, but i have no idea what it is.

Global menu in GTK applications does not work

Hi guys. I'm having a rather curious problem with KDE Neon that does not
happen to me in ArchLinux, for example. Applications like Firefox,
Thunderbird or LibreOffice show me the global menu, however, others like
GIMP or Inkscape do not. But, if I run GIMP or Inkscape in the terminal,
if they show the global menu ..

If I put the file .profile, .bash or .zshrc the command: export
GTK_MODULES = "appmenu-gtk-module" the variable is exported without
problems, but for more than restart, the same thing keeps happening to me.

Any idea what is happening?



Waste of screen space

Hello list,

Since the most recent upgrade of kde-frameworks on this Gentoo box, I get
huge icons in the Details lists of Dolphin and Konqueror-as-file-manager.
Example attached.

Is there any way to restore the icons to single-line height?

KDE 5 Plasma

Hello All,

I am unable to access https websites with KDE 5 Plasma. I know it's a
KDE issue because konqueror/firefox won't let me access these websites
as well. Is this a bug?


Trouble with Desktop-Icons


I have peeving trouble with my Desktop-Icons. Every now and then the order after a login
is lost and the Icons are unsortet on the Desktop.

I use openSUSE Leap 42.3 Plasma and the Oxygen Theme. This is not acceptable
and scares every new user who uses KDE on Linux.

To reconstruct the icons I copy a saved version from .config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc
and login again. But this does not fix the problem until the next login.

What can be done to fix this and whar other files are involved to store the order of this icons?

This is all very annyoing!

Kind regards


how to debug kscreen?

When filing bugs related to kscreen, we are told to add information
according to this guide:
<a href="" title=""></a>

It starts with this instruction:

Create a script with the following content:

export QT_MESSAGE_PATTERN="[%{time hh::mm:s.zzz}] %{function}: %{message}"

It also includes editing ~/.config/QtProject/qtlogging.ini

So far, those steps are clear to me.

Re: Color configuration issue on Plasma

On 2018-07-05 13:29:54 René J.V. Bertin wrote:
Or install Trinity Desktop and have much better control.
<a href="" title=""></a> (oops; never mind; preaching to the choir, it
seems. :-D )

quotation character in kmail

after consulting the kmail in my desktop machine i found where the quote character can be set, on the composing > templates page in the extrme southeastern corner. didn't see it at first because the scrollbars are not easy to discern at a glance. wish there were an easy way to make the slider a contrasting color from the scrollbar itself. but, anyway, it's solved.


Sent with [ProtonMail](<a href="" title=""></a>) Secure Email. Because privacy matters.

another small configuration question

i like to use the pipe character, |, instead of the (to me unattractive) > when quoting messages. it at least used to be configurable in kmail, but i can't find it in tbe current version. could someone tell me where it can be configured?



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Color configuration issue on Plasma

Greetings . . .

I've installed and configured Ubuntu-18.04 with the Plasma desktop on a GPD Pocket computer, and the combination is remarkably nice and very useful.

In the course of configuring it I've been able to set colors, typefaces and font sizes, and so on almost entirely to my liking. The "almost" is because no matter what I do, I can't change the color of the windows' titlebar. I've told it to be white text on a black background (System Settings > Colors > Breeze High Contrast > Edit Scheme > Active Titlebar, then saved under a new name and chosen as the scheme to use).

plasma5 screen management going wrong

With the most recent update of KDE, screen management is acting up. I have
a desktop with 3 monitors. After this update, every time I log into
Plasma5, several things happen:

1. I get a popup asking me about laptop display options. This is not a
laptop. Furthermore, the options presented are confusing. None of them look
viable. I have been leaving it unchanged. However, I do not want this
dialog every time I log in when my attached screens have not changed.

2. The arrangement of my screens has changed (e.g., the screen that should
be in the middle is arranged on the left or right, etc.)


Update of 'menu' broke the menu and my Plasma 5.13 on Neon desktop


There was one single update today to menu:amd64 (2.1.47ubuntu1,
2.1.47ubuntu1.16.04.1) on my KDE Neon User Edition with Plasma 5.13 laptop.
After that I can not use many menu items and not open many package. The
desktop simply crashes leaving a black screen and then back to the login

Dolphin loses UI settings when restarted


whenever I launch dolphin 18.04.2, it loses some UI settings. It is especially weird, because when I start dolphin from scratch, i.e. `rm .config/dolphinrc && rm -rf .local/share/dolphin && dolphin`, it looks fine, e.g. <a href="" title=""></a>

Then I change nothing, just quit and start it again, it looks like <a href="" title=""></a>

Now I activate menu bar (Ctrl-M), sidebar (F9) and toolbar (using mouse), change view mode to detailed, and change the icon size.

Dolphin: add item to the context menu


in Dolphin it is possible to open a context menu at a file. (point to a
file and click the secondary button of you pointing device)

Dependend of the file type you get a few action options. (e.g. Burn the
file with k3b if the file is an ISO)

I want to add an entry to this context menu to get the checksum of the
file. Is anybody here who can lead me thougth this process?


Dolphin: add item to the context menu


in Dolphin it is possible to open a context menu at a file. (point to a
file and click the secondary button of you pointing device)

Dependend of the file type you get a few action options. (e.g. Burn the
file with k3b if the file is an ISO)

I want to add an entry to this context menu to get the checksum of the
file. Is anybody here who can lead me thougth this process?


Is there a way to force the use of a specific BT profile on a specific hardware/device?

I am using Leap 15 with KDE 5.12.5, Frameworks 5.45.0 and QT 5.9.4.

BT fails with me since years to pair correctly with BT audio devices provided
they have also a phone hands free function.
In this case, even selecting manually in the settings the right protocol
(A2DP), since the system perceives the microphone, it always starts the device
with HFP.

Since I do not use handsfree on my notebook, is there a way to force(!) the
A2DP protocol on the headset and on the BT box? Maybe with a "read only"
association of the profile for that given hardware?

Is there a way to force the use of a specific BT profile on a specific hardware/device?

I am using Leap 15 with KDE 5.12.5, Frameworks 5.45.0 and QT 5.9.4.

BT fails with me since years to pair correctly with BT audio devices provided
they have also a phone hands free function.
In this case, even selecting manually in the settings the right protocol
(A2DP), since the system perceives the microphone, it always starts the device
with HFP.

Since I do not use handsfree on my notebook, is there a way to force(!) the
A2DP protocol on the headset and on the BT box? Maybe with a "read only"
association of the profile for that given hardware?

Lost behavior between KDE and 5.5.5

I don't upgrade till a version is out of support since upgrades never work
and I have to do a wipe and load and that's an insane amount of work for
me. I've been using Kbuntu LTS 14.04 and loving it with KDE for
years now. I am in the process of taking several older computers that were
given to me and putting Linux on them as well as installing Linux for a
couple relatives and friends. I grabbed Kbuntu LTS 16.04 and slapped it on
the first machine. Ugg what a mess.

The install went quite smoothly on an old Emachine. It has 2 gigs of RAM
but KInfo only showing 1.5.

Konqueror 5.0.97 issues

[Konqueror 5.0.97 on Fedora 28 updated just this morning]

Because of a disk crash I had to replace my /dev/sda which previously had
Fedora 25 on it. Fortunately I keep /home on /dev/sdb so I installed Fedora 28
on a new /dev/sda and all appears to go well. Except for Konqueror in 3
annoying ways:

1. I can't open more than one instance from the K Menu or the Quick Launcher

Using either of those just opens the one already-open Konqueror, even across

parcel tracker app/widget?


Does anyone know of a useful parcel tracker application that works with most common postal/courrier services and also with the KDE desktop environment?


Konqueror 5.0.97. openSUSE Leap 15

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
</head><body><p>Hello,<br></p><p>after installing of openSUSE Leap 15 I remarked a bug in Konqueror 5.0.97. After starting the OS I can start Konqueror only one time. A second time Konqueror willn&#39;t start.<br></p><p>Only if I kill the Konqueror-process in the processmonitor it is possible to start Konqueror again.</p><p>Greetings &#160; <br></p><p>Mit freundlichen Gr&#252;&#223;en<br>Olaf Runge<br>Dipl-Kaufmann, IT-Beratung<br>Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Str. 7<br>53225 Bonn (Germany<br>0228 / 1809377</p>

Plasmashell periodically freezing

In the last two days Plasmashell has started freezing every hour or so.

QMake version 3.1
Using Qt version 5.11.0 in /usr/lib
plasmashell 5.12.5
Linux laptop 4.16.12-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri May 25 23:30:31 UTC 2018
x86_64 GNU/Linux

I can recover with these commands:
killall plasmashell
plasmashell > /dev/null 2>&1 & disown

How should I debug this?

KMail filter agent: get progress information from external filters?


Does the Akonadi mail filter agent provide hooks to inform it (and thus the user) about filtering progress when using an external utility (say a spam reporting tool)?


reposition window partly outside screen (kwin related)

I want my application to show the Qt virtual keyboard when it's running on a touchscreen.
To avoid that the virtual keyboard covers the input field, I'd like to move the whole
application window upwards so that the input field is always visible above the VKB, and move the window
back downwards when the keyboard hides.

However kwin seems to restrict the y-coordinate to only positive values.
Using xfwm4 this is possible (except when the window is fullscreen or maximized).

How can this be solved (best in a way which works regardless of the window manager) ?

Kopete 18.04 lacks of notification settings

It may sounds like a silly question, but can someone confirm there's no
Notification by default on the last version of Kopete?

I'm using it on Kubuntu with staging repos enabled, version 1.13.0
(4:18.04.1-0ubuntu1~ubuntu18.04~ppa1), which relies on Qt5. So, going into
Settings menù, "configure notifications" (translated from italian), nothing
shows up there. I've checked the previous version (which relies on Qt4) and
that panel is full of entries.

I don't know if it's a bug, or the devs are still porting everything out on

How to use the "opengl" qt rendering backend instead of "raster"?


I am using KDE on an AMD Kaveri based system featuring a 4k display.
Quite a few operations/animations feel rather slow on that machine
(e.g. the semi-transparent selection window on the plasma desktop, or
the slide-animation in kicker).
So animations inside windows (drawn by QT) are slow, the compositor
related animations are fluent and fine.

Looking at the profiles it all boils down to QT using the "raster"
backend. I see tons of cycles spent inside functions like
qt_memfill32, comp_func_solid_SourceOver_sse2 and the likes.

krdc blue screen ?


I am trying to use VNC via KRDC/KRFB to establish a remote desktop session.

For some users, it is working fine.

For some users, all I see is a solid blue screen in the KRDC window instead of the password prompt I expected.

We are using nfs for user home folder.

My user's .kde/share/config/krfbrc all look alike:


Please advise.


konsole showing output from unidentified background processes and syslogs?


I have a Konsole tab that shows syslog output (e.g.

default Dolphin Preview behavior changed; looking for setting to change it back

Generally, I do not keep Preview enabled for most of my folders. After this
recent update (18.04.0), Previews are now enabled by default for all
folders. I wish to return to the prior behavior.

I'm running KDE on Arch.

Dolphin has become very slow after recent update

Dolphin has become slow recently. In particular, adding or moving a
bookmark in the Places panel has a delay of several seconds.

To reproduce, create a new bookmark in Places or move an existing bookmark
up or down in the Places panel. There is a delay of a few seconds.
Previously, there was no noticeable delay.

manually reload Dolphin session?

Is there a way to manually open (reload) a prior Dolphin session?

I'm running KDE on Arch. Here's some system info:

- plasmashell --version: plasmashell 5.12.5
- dolphin --version: dolphin 18.04.0
- Linux 4.16.6-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Apr 30 12:30:03 UTC 2018 x86_64

I often keep a lot of tabs open in Dolphin and I would like to be able to
open all those tabs / locations again. I have seen an old feature request
for Dolphin saved sessions. I'm not asking for that. I just want to know if
I can do it manually.

location of panel configuration file (lost my settings)

I'm running KDE on Arch. Here's some system info:

plasmashell --version: plasmashell 5.12.5
dolphin --version: dolphin 18.04.0
Linux 4.16.6-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Apr 30 12:30:03 UTC 2018 x86_64

I was using my computer today and everything was normal. I came back,
unlocked the screen saver, and when my desktop appeared, my panel was gone.
I had done a lot of customizations to my panel. I'd like to restore those
from a backup.

Which file contains the panel settings (full path and filename so I can
find it in my backup)?

VPN kill switch

Hi all,

So within "Connections" in the system settings I've enabled an OpenVPN connection when my wired interface goes online, as well as with my home Wi-Fi SSID and so on. Is it possible to do the following?

1 - Enable VPN with all connections, no matter what. I connect to a new SSID in a cafe and the VPN link should go up.
2 - If, for any reason, the VPN goes down all outgoing connections are automatically dropped/rejected/whatever. That is, I would like to connect to the Internet only if connected to the VPN (only OpenVPN packets should go out if still not connected to the VPN).

Top of windows too tall and apparently non-adjustable in kde 5.

Hello everyone:

I've been struggling to configure the look of window decorations, specifically
the top, on Debian 9/Kde 5.28.0 (current stable) the way I had them on Debian
7/Kde 4.8.4. Unfortunately Kde 5 is so different that I can't figure out what
combination of theme, style, color, etc... I need to match what I had.

Specifically, I would like the height of the frame at the top of the windows
to be less tall, but I can't find any way to do this. I can also not get the
font size to change.

Kmail message storage folders

I currently have Kmail on my server, with thousands of messages in Maildir
format on a separate partition (which simplifies migration/upgrading).
They're sorted into many subfolders such as 'cars', 'accounts', 'kde' etc.

I typically ssh into the server from whichever laptop I'm using and run Kmail
on the server via ssh, which avoids any syncing issues.

How to use VNC in KDE4?


We are using KDE 4.10.4.

I have Vino Server installed and configured to be auto started.

Then I tried to use remote-viewer to connect to remote KDE desktop, but
not sure how to configure it.

Any documentation?


error: ksysguardd - Internal buffer too small to read '/proc/cpuinfo'

How can I resolve this error I'm seeing in the logs?

ksysguardd - Internal buffer too small to read '/proc/cpuinfo'

cat /proc/cpuinfo lists 40 processors. The system has two Intel(R) Xeon(R)
CPU E5-2630 v4 @ 2.20GHz with 10 cores each.

fine vertical scrolling with keyboard

[kwin 5.8.7, up-to-date openSuSE Leap 42.3]


within an HTML browser I can easily scroll up and down with the arrow
keys which use, say, 100 pixels per keyboard press. Is there a way to
have, say, 'Alt + Arrow Key' to move 10 pixels instead? Ditto for
one-pixel moves?


Migration of kwallet failed


I did an upgrade of ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 and now my kwallet is empty.

The version of kwalletmanager on the old system was 4:4.13.2.

The version on the new system is 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1.

The new kwalletmanager just says: "Error -9".

Now I installed an other machine with the old ubuntu 14.04 to open the
kwallet there and export it to XML. But opening the kdewallet.kwl there
also fails with "Error 42".

Any idea how I can retrieve my passwords? It really would be urgent.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Amarok + USB-Stick


it seems I do something wrong. I have an USB-Stick (USB-3; 132 GiByte)
this is connected to the USB-3 Port of my computer. All things are fine
(read, write) as long as I do not use Amarok.

I have copied ~25000 Files to the stick and build (just now) a playlist
(~130 titles).

kdialog: sound file from notifyrc file was not found,

I'm using a kdialog in a bash script. It gives the following output:

org.kde.knotifications: Audio notification requested, but sound file from
notifyrc file was not found, aborting audio notification

Where should the file notifyrc be and what is an example of its contents?

KDE apps not using system printer settings

Starting several months ago, all KDE apps (e.g., Kate) no longer use the
system printer settings. For example, in "Kickoff -> Computer -> System
Settings -> Printer Configuration" I have US letter paper size set.
However, Kate and other KDE apps all default to A4 paper size. I can't find
a way to change this default, so I have to manually change paper size every
single time I need to print.

I'm running Arch Linux on several different computers (NUC, laptop, desktop
and more). The problem appears on all systems.

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