Brieftasche kaputt


Ich weiß nicht, was passiert ist, doch plötzlich ist der KWallet-Dienst nicht
mehr verfügbar. Wenn ich mich in Plasma einloggen, bekomme ich Fenster, die
Paßwörter abfragen. Und zwar eins für KMail und eins für den

Kwallet broken


I don't know, what has happened, but suddenly Kwallet is no longer available.
When I log in to plasma on my desktop, I get two windows, each asking me to
enter a password - one for KMail and one for the Nextcloud-desktop-client.
(I'm writing this on my laptop.)

There is this error message: "Couldn't open wallet:
org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply; Message recipient disconnected
disconnected from message bus without replying"

When I open the KWalletManager, the wallet is empty.

What happened, and how to fix this?


Kwallet broken


I don't know, what has happened, but suddenly Kwallet is no longer available.
When I log in to plasma on my desktop, I get two windows, each asking me to
enter a password - one for KMail and one for the Nextcloud-desktop-client.
(I'm writing this on my laptop.)

There is this error message: "Couldn't open wallet:
org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply; Message recipient disconnected
disconnected from message bus without replying"

When I open the KWalletManager, the wallet is empty.

What happened, and how to fix this?


End of Year Fundraiser - More than Software Post


We have now posted the summary of what the KDE community got up during 2017
with some highlights. Please spread far and wide. This may be our last chance
to push the fundraiser up a bit more.

Qt 5.9 and font rendering


Did anyone notice any changes in font rendering quality after upgrading to Qt 5.9x?

I did, certain fonts (among which Novarese BQ) looked significantly "watered down", on systems that have Freetype 2.6.5 as well as one with Freetype 2.7.1 . Upon verification with Qt,

which probably explains what I'm seeing. I may however also be looking at an interaction with the Freetype Infinality and accompanying FontConfig patches.

baloo_file_extractor is slowing me down.


I am running KDE Neon user edition. Recently I have noticed that my laptop
has been slow and sluggish. I have found baloo_file_extractor to be the
culprit. After a while is consumes 4 GB or RAM and between 50 and 100% of
my CPU. As soon as I kill the process my laptop speeds up again. I'm not
sure exactly when this started but it has been during the last couple of
months. I have noticed I have a very large ~/.xsession-errors file with a
lot of baloo references in it.

kate: specify additional extensions for syntax highlighting

What is the correct way to specify additional extensions for syntax

KDE (or X?) clipboard goes stupid

[kf5 5.38, plasma-workspace-5.10.5, Fedora 25]

My KDE/X clipboard goes astray sometimes. I Copy URL to clipboard from KMail,
for example, and when I paste I get something from a day ago pasted.

Is there any way to reset that clipboard without restarting X or KDE? I'm not
talking about Klipper, but the default clipboard.

Update applications

How do i update my KDE applications they don't show on update manager. EX:
partition manager is 12.1
Linux Mint 18.2 KDE

KWin render backend and window content


Does anyone on this list know answers to the following?

The "tearing prevention" option in KWin's Compositor setting has a large effect on video playback on my system. The only way I seem to be able to avoid tears and partial screen updates are

OpenGL + fullscreen repaints tearing prevention
XRender (+ Automatic tearing prevention)

I presume that "fullscreen repaints" corresponds to the good approach where you update an offscreen framebuffer and then swap that with the onscreen buffer just before the screen starts to repaint.

has knights been ported to plasma 5 or will it die?

I played chess today and noted it is still for SC4.
Has KDE Knights (the chess program been ported to plasma 5?
It would be a pity if not, I am not aware of a real native plasma 5 compatible

Thank you.

Load monitoring widgets get stuck


I'm using plasma desktop 5.8.6 on debian stable (stretch).

KDEconnect on 2 different networks: totally impossible?


I've been trying to get KDEconnect to work across a router and it
appears to be impossible. My internal network, where the linux KDE
is, is at 192.168.x.0, the android phone with KDEconnect is at
192.168.y.0. Traceroute reaches the phone so it's not a routing
problem. I have found this:

<a href="" title=""></a>

and it says (in the Configuring KDE Connect section):

Note: pairing WILL NOT WORK if your Android device isn’t on the same
network as your PC.

Dolphin: how to dereference soft links?

Hi there,

When using drag&drop to copy a softlink to another directory, a new link to
the original file is created. This is not always a useful behaviour, especially
when the target directory is for example an usb stick and the file should be
transferred to another computer who cannot dereference that list.

I did not find a way to do that in dolphin, so I had to do that in a terminal
via cp.

Is there a way to do that in dolphin?


Akregator Font Rendering Issue

Hello all,

I've been encountering a font rendering issue with Akregator (I'm running
Kubuntu 17) causing text within the content tab of the application to
render improperly. As you can see in my linked screenshot, the text in most
of the program renders properly, whereas that of the content block has some

Chrome/ium and KWallet


Here's something I've been annoyed by for a long time, I thought I'd check here if I'm right and maybe not alone in this:

Google Chrome has long had KWallet integration and has had a habit for a few year now to present the KWallet unlock dialog as soon as you load a page which has something that looks like an authentification feature.

scale under 1


I try to make my laptop screen display more than what his natural
definition allows.

pgp passphrase and kwallet?


I just almost had to replace a little-used pgp certificate because I couldn't remember the passphrase. Fortunately I had it stored in a keychain on my Mac.

I've looked but cannot seem to find an equivalent for KDE allowing to store certificate passphrases in a wallet. It's not in Kleopatra in any case.




I've been using krecipes quite a bit, even tried to contribute a converter feature, but it appears to be abandonware. Anyone on here familiar with the code, and potentially interested in porting it to KF5? Or maybe there's another comparable application out there which is maintained actively (and can hopefully import data from krecipes)?



kde font rendering for Chinese character is bad

I try kubuntu, and find kde font rendering for Chinese character is bad for both bitmap font and vector font.
gnome font rendering is ok for bitmap font, the same as kde for vector font.

Korganizer doesn't show CalDAV calendar. No errors, just no calendar.


I exported to vcs format from Korganizer 4.4.11 (that does not support
CalDAV) and placed the resulting file in a Radicale server. Then, set
up multiple versions of Korganizer (5.2.3 - 2 of them, 4.14.1) to access
the "DAV groupware resource". Entered the proper user, password, URL
(manual configuration) and when I was done all instances fetched the
collections and they now report "Ready".

Release Tags


I am working on specifying the latest software version of KDE applications
on Wikidata. I went through some of the ref tags of KDE applications (like
<a href="" title=""></a>).

What happened with fonts?

After system upgrade window title font became enormously big. Changes
of Window title in System Settings are ignored.

Bold font issue

I am having an issue with bold fonts in the newly upgraded system, which is
KDE Frameworks 5.37.0 using Qt 5.9.1, running on NixOS 17.09.

I expect bold fonts on window title displayed as below:

This is FreeSerif bold.

Tree View expand animation

How turn off tree view expand/collapse animations?

Can someone reproduce this kate/kwrite crash?

I'm getting a lots of crashes with Kate (and Kwrite). I was able to
reduce the offending text that causes the crash to this:

(*Without* the quotes.)

" ;"

That is, one or more spaces, followed by a semicolon. Can someone try
and reproduce this? To trigger it, create a new file:

kwrite test.txt

Then, in the menu select "Tools->Indentation->C Style". And then place
the text caret at the end of the line (right of the semicolon) and press
enter to insert a new line.

stealing focus ... back, with a shortcut key?


All of ye people who use a focus-follows-mouse mode probably know the situation where for instance you click on a link in an email, the webbrowser comes to the foreground and takes focus. With KWin, you can mouve the mouse cursor all you want, as long as it remains in the original (email) window you won't get your focus back.

Sometimes that's exactly what your want, preferably without having to touch the mouse. Older WMs (often?) had a "give focus to window under mouse" command which could be assigned a shortcut.

Kmail without kdewallet?

I'm running Kmail 5.2.3 and kdewallet under Debian 9. Can I safely uninstall
kdewallet? (Kmail is the only program I run that uses it).

Reason is, I usually start Kmail on my server via ssh from some laptop or
other. If I go to fetch mail from my ISP, Kmail opens a box for my ISP's
mail password (the same as my previous installation of Kmail 4 did).
However, IF I've previously logged in to my server, kdewallet opens a box for
its password on the server instead, which is a nuisance (and much bafflement
before I accidentally found this out).

Setting encoding in Kate

Is there a way to mark a file as using a specific encoding? Like some
string inside a C comment that Kate recognizes?

Change which PAM config file kcheckpass uses


By default on Debian-based systems, kcheckpass (used by kscreenlocker_greet)
uses /etc/pam.d/common-auth, but I would like to define a separate PAM
configuration for kcheckpass. Would I just need to create
/etc/pam.d/kcheckpass, or do something else?



start menu icon


In Plasma 5 we can right-click on the start menu and set our own icon.
However when I switch my menu from kicker to kickoff or kickerdash, the
menu icon changed to the default one and when I switch back to the kicker,
my own icon was gone and the default one is used. Would anyone please tell
me how to keep my own icon in the kicker mode, or even when switching to
different menu mode?


Configuring/compiling gbuffy on modern Debian systems.


Gbuffy was removed from Debian quite a few versions ago, not sure why but
I'm still using it on my Debian 7.11 system. To install it I had to manually
install gtk 1.2 and whatever other dependencies were needed, from ubuntu
packages IIRC.

This page explains the old dependencies.

Two-Factor Authentication on KDE Plasma 5 and kscreenlocker_greet


I am interested in configuring two-factor authentication on KDE Plasma 5 using a
PAM module for the second authentication factor (e.g. OTP) in addition to a
password. I have found that SDDM does not support this yet:
<a href="" title=""></a>

I could use LightDM or GDM instead of SDDM for the display manager, but the
screenlocker will also need to support two-factor authentication.

what does the drawing pin / thumbtack do?

Having a play with kde plasma 5. I have not used kde for about 10 years.
Much has changes in that time. I can't figure out what the purpose of the
drawing pin / thumb tack on the top left corner of a window. Somebody
please reveal it's purpose, or point me in the direction of an appropriate
web site.

Regards, Chris Roy-Smith

Akonadi won't go online.

Some time ago, my computer crashed and had to be restarted ungracefully....

Now, I'm unable to get my Kontact accounts to go online.

I have put mysql in recovery mode and restarted akonadi.

How to backup file tags and comments?

Dear all!

I see that now in Plasma 5.10.2 at least for me the first time both file tags
and comments (that I can enter via Dolphin) seem to be stable and not suddenly
disappear. So I would like to use them much more, BUT...

... I would also like to know how I can backup the database(es) that this is
based upon so that in case of setting up a new / different KDE distro I can
"simply" restore all the meta file information.

Thank you very much in advance for helping!

I. Thomas

border (or frame??) missing on Konsole


I am using KDE 4.4.14

I have my Scroll bar ... on the left side...

The right side has nothing so when I hover mouse
to let say stretch the window [horizontally] it's
visually difficult (for my old eyes) to spot the
border (which does not really exist)

how can I get the border enabled on Konsole?

thank you,

Task manager window grouping failures and KWin window-action slowness

I have LOTS of windows, and while task manager window grouping in KDE4
started off pretty bad early on, it got better for me.

In Debian Jessie, i would have issues running 3 different firefox
profiles with differing Class Instance names, where it would still
*usually* correctly separately group them, but sometimes draw the
incorrect icon for them.

Where are Kate syntax files stored?

Syntax highlighting XML files used to come with katepart, but that's
gone now in KDE5. I did a brute-force grep on my filesystem, but still
can't find the syntax XML files :-/

Where are they?

Please delete my last reply, if possible

Could you please delete my last reply as I used my official private email
address: <a href="mailto: ... at libertymail dot net"> ... at libertymail dot net</a>

Thank you very much in advance!

Please delete my last reply, if possible

Could you please delete my last reply as I used my official private email
address: <a href="mailto: ... at libertymail dot net"> ... at libertymail dot net</a>

Thank you very much in advance!

Monitor configuration spoiled after reboot Plasma 5.10.2

Dear all!
I have a notebook (screen resolution 1600x900) and attached via HDMI a second monitor
(Full HD)
When I set up my second screen properly so that the laptop screen is off and the second
external monitor is my primary display and then do a reboot, the second screen becomes
a second screen again without task bar or widgets, but also the notebook screen is this

Gwenview: Copy To forgets last used directory

Copy To should retain previously selected directory, otherwise it is
unusable. Currently it always opens image's directory. Please, recover
v3 functionality more carefully. It has wise, well-considered UI.

RE: [resolved] need to launch multiple instances; no Tabs ....

sorry if this gets to you twice, i don't recall I posted
what happened with this:

issue was unintended consequence of my customization.

i had:

System Settings->Windows Behavior->Windows Behavior->Advanced tab

checked the Windows Tabbing's Automatically group similar windows.

i have un-checked that box now.

Thank you,

FHDATA wrote on 07/18/2017 07:49 PM:

need to launch multiple instances; no Tabs ....


I am new using KDE 4.14.8

Due to my work I need to have multiple (in order of dozen)
sessions open. Looking/working with tabs gives me
headache (losing productivity).

How can I launch separate instances of Konsole? or even xterm?
As many as I like... It's my computer ;-)

By separate instance meaning a new Konsole or xterm window (not
just another tab in same window).

Thank you,

Re : Slowness in Graphics display

Dear All,

I downloaded KDE recently and it was working fine for few hours and then
slow down.

I check and found few things :

1. - intel_powerclamp
- intel_rapl
- intel_rapl_perf
- x86_pkh_temp_thermal

I removed from module loading list and I can see some improvements.

2. I try to remove nouveau graphics and intent to use i915 Intel default
I am not able to remove.


Bluetooth transfers fail KDE 4.14.30

[KDE 4.14.30 on Fedora 25]

I used to be able to use Bluetooth to send photos from my Galaxy Note 3 to my
desktop in Fedora 23. Very handy. Now I can't, and I'm not sure how to try to
find out why. All my old settings look normal and were inherited from my old

Where to start?

KDE automounter mounts as root

Why KDE automounter mounts USB stick as root? I can't write it from my
logged desktop. What is the sense in automounter then? As root I can
mount and copy files from console. Filesystem type vfat.

KMail dependence on Akonadi

By what purpose there is KMail dependence on other services? Can it
work standalone?

reset kate autocomplete history


I'm using Debian with KDE 4.14.2 and Kate 3.14.2, and I can't find how
to reset the auto-complete history for certain project, I've generated a
lot of files over the months, and I still get the recommendations from
the first ones, witch are of no use at this time.

Thanks a lot for the help,

Alberto Garza

krecipes with remote mysql server


Any krecipes users on/out here?

I'm trying to set things up so that I can have a central mysql database that's accessible from multiple hosts. I'm a complete newby in this domain, but did manage to follow the instructions [] such that the command

%> mysql -u $logname -h remote_host.local -p

gets me a connection. Not sure if it's really necessary, but that started working after I did a `GRANT ALL ON *.* TO '$logname'@'portia.home';` .

kwin language setting?


Where/how does one set (force) the language used by KWin5 (the X11 version)?


Disable drag from inner window

Hello everyone,

I am KDE user for many years. But in this case I cannot find a solution
for myself.

I am using a touch screen and I want to disable the feature that moves
QT-windows with the mouse from other areas than the title bar.

Any suggestions are welcome :)

Many thanks in advance


download "Attic"


I just discovered that "old" applications versions were moved to an "attic" recently, which broke my packaging.

Was this announced somewhere?


Cashew disappeared from tool bar

The cashew has disappeared from the tool bar.

I can't configure the tool bar without it.

How do I get it back?

Screen blanking much like a blank very dim screen saver

This is one of my pet hates. I use the on off button when I don't want the monitor on.

I have disabled kde power management and did that as soon as I installed kde5. This started happening a couple of days ago. Probably an update some where.

I haven't timed how long it takes to do this but I can't see any settings anywhere to control it. I hadn't noticed that 5 doesn't seem to include a screen saver option but it behaves much like one except the screen goes close to black.

Can't move windows anymore

[KDE 4.14.30 on Fedora 25]

The darnedest thing: suddenly I can't move a window by grabbing the title bar.
Neither full height windows nor dialogs. Others have reported this, but mostly
in past releases. It seems I need to kill the kwin process and restart it with
"kwin --replace". Failing that, logout and back in. I'd rather not do that.

First off, I don't have a "kwin" process, though I do have a "kwin_x11"
process. Secondly, is "kwin --replace" the right way to start kwin?

Issue burning Audio CD's from CUE file

Hello, Everyone
Whenever I rip a CD to my computer that contains segues that would be
messed up by ripping each track to a separate file, I have k3b rip to a
single file and then generate a CUE file of the result.

Banner "I'm going to Akademy"

Hi guys,

The "I'm going to Akademy" banner is ready. You can find it here:

<a href="" title=""></a>

Jens also designed a very nice Konqui/Indalo mascot for the event, which you
can use as you see fit.

TIP: The Konqui/Indalo image is a perfect square. You could use it as an
avatar on you social media until the end of Akademy.



Program for Akademy 2017 Available


The program for Akademy 2017 is also now officially available:

<a href="" title=""></a>

Again, your help in spreading this information will be very much appreciated.



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