Notes widget: semi-transparent background

I'm in plasma 5 and I'm customizing the breeze dark theme. In my
metadata.desktop file I've got the following values in the ContrastEffetct


Thanks to them, the panel, the menu, notifications, etc. are not completely
transparent, so readability is improved.

How can I apply such parameters to the Notes widget as well? Currently, if I
choose a translucent background, the widget becomes completely transparent.
Moreover, f I put a notes.svg that seems semi-transparent in my theme
directory, the Notes widget becomes completely transparent, irrespective of
what background color I choose for it.

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Re: Notes widget: semi-transparent background

By solitone at 03/06/2017 - 12:03

On Monday, 6 March 2017 07:03:31 CET solitone wrote:
In the end I copied the default notes.svgz to my theme directory, and edited
it with inkscape, so that all colored backgrounds are now semi-transparent.

I didn't touch the translucent background, which has a completely transparent
background, and this is why the note widget appears completely transparent
when I select this background.

However, I think something goes wrong with it. In the SVG file it appears to
have a thin border/shadow, but this border is not rendered at all when I
select it as the widget background. Moreover, if I test and color it in black
in inkscape, it still appears thouroughly transparent. I don't understand what
is going on with it!