New: install updated version of libfftw

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Bug ID: 386878
Summary: install updated version of libfftw
Product: Craft
Version: master
Platform: MS Windows
OS: MS Windows
Severity: normal
Priority: NOR
Component: Core
Assignee: <a href="mailto: ... at kde dot org"> ... at kde dot org</a>
Reporter: <a href="mailto: ... at web dot de"> ... at web dot de</a>
CC: <a href="mailto:kde- ... at kde dot org">kde- ... at kde dot org</a>
Target Milestone: ---

craft libfftw

installs version 3.2.2 of FFTW. This version cannot be compiled with MSCV2015,
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Therefore craft should install the latest version FFTW 3.3.7 or at least a
3.3.x version.