com web/bugs: Add dual PSR-4 compatible classes autoloader: include/prepend.php src/Autoloader.php tests/AutoloaderTest.php www/bug-pwd-finder.php www/bug.php www/gh-pull-add.php www/patch-add.php www/report.php

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Add dual PSR-4 compatible classes autoloader

This patch is a workaround until Composer installation step can be used
in production Once Composer can be added to the deployment
step together with rsync this can be simplified and only Composer's
autoload.php will be used.

Changed paths:
M include/prepend.php
A src/Autoloader.php
A tests/AutoloaderTest.php
M www/bug-pwd-finder.php
M www/bug.php
M www/gh-pull-add.php
M www/patch-add.php
M www/report.php