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Web Summer Camp announcement

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+ With days getting longer and our jackets lighter, we start to look forward to meeting you all once again in Rovinj. For the 8th time in a row, we are organizing our <a href="">learn &amp; fun summer event</a>. Mark your calendar for August 28th - 30th and join us in beautiful Rovinj.
+ This year you can expect hands-on and engaging workshops related to <b>PHP</b>, <b>Symfony</b>, Javascript and Project Management, as well as fun and relaxing after-workshop programme for attendees and their companions.
+ If you feel your workshop could add value to the event, we encourage you to <a href="">submit your proposal</a> by April 30th. All the information on this year's topics of our interest you can find <a href="">here</a>.
+ And while waiting for Early Bird tickets sale to start, here is a short reminder on <a href="">Why Web Summer Camp of all events</a>.
+ Summer is coming, follow us on <a href="">@websummercamp</a> and stay tuned!
+ </div>
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