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Scotland's Original and Best PHP Conference
Saturday 4th November 2017, EICC, Edinburgh

2 Tracks, 14 World Class Speakers, 2 Social Events, 1 Amazing Day!

Josh Holmes MICROSOFT - Opening Keynote: “Rise of the Machines”
Adam Culp ZEND - “Clean Application Development”
Amanda Folson NEXMO - “Open Source for Closed Source Companies”
Ciaran McNulty INVIQA - “Behat Best Practices”
Christian Lück CONSULTANT - “Pushing the Limits of PHP with ReactPHP”
Craig McCreath MTC - “Refactoring Large Legacy Applications with Laravel”
Dave Stokes ORACLE - “MySQL 8: A New Beginning”
David McKay CONSULTANT - “What even is ‘Cloud Native’?”
Matt Brunt VIVA IT - “Content Security Policies: Let's Break Stuff”
Renato Mefi ENRISE - “GraphQL is right in front of us, let's do it!”
Seb Heuer KARTENMACHEREI - ”The Myth of Untestable Code”
Terrence Ryan GOOGLE - “Containing Chaos with Kubernetes”
Thomas Shone BOOKING.COM - ”Security Theatre: The State of Online Security”
Meri Williams MOO.COM - Closing Keynote: “Creating Space to be Awesome”

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