Will you review our Windows To Go bootable thumb drive?


I’d like to offer you a free, secure Windows To Go bootable USB drive
created by SPYRUS to review and share your thoughts with the readers of
Php. With all of the data breaches over the past few years, keeping
valuable proprietary data secure can no longer be accomplished with just a
dream and a prayer. Enter SPYRUS and the future of corporate security. All
of the info is here:

<a href="" title=""></a>

If you would like us to drop ship a bootable Windows drive to you to try
out, just shoot me your full name and shipping address along with a phone
number for our shipping dept. I’d also love it if you could post an
unboxing video when you get it. If you have any questions about SPYRUS or
would like to interview a member of the team just say the word. If you
review, blog, post, tweet, or pin about SPYRUS, please send me the link as
I'd love to share it with my team.

Thank you very much,