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Awesome Rubies Updated (Now Incl. mruby/c, sruby (s6), and More)


I've updated the Awesome Rubies [1] page that collects compilers,
interpreters, virtual machines, parsers, doc generators, version
managers, and more.

What’s news? Let’s welcome mruby/c, sruby (s6) and more.

Anything missing? Contributions welcome. Let us know.

Happy coding with rubies. Cheers. Prost.

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

Unsubscribe: <>

issue with nailgun


I have JRuby- installed on Linux-Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
7.6 (Maipo).

I am trying to use nailgun to run some Ruby shell scripts from the
command line
but I found a problem.

A free Ruby programming book in Epub

Hello All,

I have released my book I Love Ruby in epub format. You may get it here
<a href="" title=""></a>

I will discontinue the e-book edition on Amazon here
<a href="" title=""></a> , as it forces me to enter a cost for
a book that can be distributed free of charge.

I would be very happy if people can send me feedback and suggestions to
improve this book.

unicorn 5.5.0 - Rack HTTP server for fast clients and

unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve
fast clients on low-latency, high-bandwidth connections and take
advantage of features in Unix/Unix-like kernels.

enums 1.0 library / gem - safe enumeration types for ruby e.g. enum :Color, [:red, :green, :blue]


I've put together a new enums library / gem [1] for safe
enumeration types in ruby.

Yes, enums are just a set of symbolic keys bound to unique integer numbers.
Why not just use symbols :-) or constants? Do we really need a new enum type
and (yet another) library?

Ruby Roles in Germany

Hi All,

I have a few Ruby based roles in Germany (more specifically in Berlin).

If you’re looking for a new job in Berlin, feel free to send across your CV and a bit on what you’re looking for in your next role (maybe industry, working environment, salary, perks etc.) I can see if I have anything that suits.

Nadia Woods
Market Specialist
Sigmar IT International
Liber House, Monavalley Business Park, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland, V92 NN80
T: +49 692 222 179 04 I E: ... at sigmar dot ie<mailto: ... at sigmar dot ie> I W:<>

Ruby on Rails Developer Needed in Chennai, India

Hello All,

Requirements for the job is here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

(Secure) Ruby Quiz - Code Challenge #3 - Powerball Mega Millions Grand Prize - Create a Power Play Contract for America's Most Popular Lottery


It's Friday. (Secure) Ruby Quiz Time!

Let's use America's most popular lottery - Powerball Mega Millions -
and make it provable fair by - surprise, surprise -
putting the machinery on the blockchain with a contract script in
(secure) ruby, of course [1].

First let's warm-up with the simplest possible lottery
from the book "Building Games with Ethereum Smart Contracts"
by Kedar Iyer and Chris Dannen.

Join us. Question or comments welcome.
Note, the ruby-talk mailing list right here is the "official" sruby channel.

Cheers. Prost.

Gem for segmented SFTP file downloads?

I'm trying to build a utility that will fetch large files or directories
off of a seedbox (or any SSH server, for that matter).
Individual connections are throttled,
so I have traditionally relied on a CLI utility called LFTP
to split large files into smaller segments to be downloaded in parallel.

I get the sense that nothing really compares to `Net::SFTP`,
but it doesn't look like it natively supports segmented downloads.
Does anyone know of a gem that does?

Alternately, I'm considering writing my own gem
to extend `Net::SFTP` to add support for segmented downloads.
But in order for this to

(Secure) Ruby to Solidity (Source-to-Source) Cross-Compiler Cheat Sheet / White Paper


I've started a new white paper / cheat sheet on
a (secure) ruby to solidity (source-to-source) cross-compiler [1].

If anyone is interested in how to turn ruby into solidity (and
ethereum virtual machine (evm) bytecode) let us know!
Question or comments welcome. Yes, the ruby-talk mailing list
right here is the "official" sruby channel.


Do you believe that the Plain English language is better than Ruby language?


Do you believe that the Plain English language is better than Ruby language?

If not, why not?

The Plain English language website is <a href="" title=""></a>

Designing sruby (Secure Ruby) - Use ivars (@balance) or Storage class (storage.balance) for (Blockchain) State?


If anyone follows along about the new ruby variant / flavor called sruby
- Small, Smart, Secure, Safe, Solid & Sound (S6) Ruby.

Here's a language design choice: How to track the contract's
(blockchain) state?

a) Let's (re)use ruby's ivars (object instance variables) e.g.:

def initialize
@owner = msg.sender
@counter = 0
@bets = Mapping.of( Integer => Bet )

or b) let's use a more "explicit" Storage class e.g.:

def initialize
storage[:owner] = msg.sender
storage[:counter] = 0
storage[:bets] = Mapping.of( Integer => Bet )

Ruby Quiz - (Crypto) Blockchain Contract Edition - Challenge #2 - Code Challenge #2 - Create a PonzICO Investment Contract - Blockchain Performance Art


to kickstart the new ruby quiz (crypto) blockchain contract edition
let's add another (easier) coding challenge:

Challenge #2 - Create a PonzICO Investment Contract - Blockchain
Performance Art [1]

Let's use the live and "real world" blockchain performance art
PonzICO investment contract [2] running on the Ethereum world computer.

Read the PonzICO White Paper [3] for how the investment scheme and
dividend payouts work and what your money will get used for (hint:
thanks for the free Tesla - don't forget to vote on the color :-) and
maybe a two bedroom condo in San Franc

safestruct gem - Safe Data Structures (Array, Hash, Struct) - Say Goodbye to Null / Nil (and the Billion Dollar Mistake)


I've put together a new safestruct gem / library [1] that collects
safe data structures (array, hash, struct)
and lets you say goodbye to null / nil (and maybe)
to fix the billion dollar mistake.

How can the code work without nil?

Let's say hello to zero :-).
The new rule for NO null/nil ever (again) is:

**All variables - including structs, arrays and mappings (hash
dictionaries) -
MUST ALWAYS get set (initialized) to ZERO (default) values.**

What's zero?

| Type | Value |

need to advice: about gmail trash empty


my mailbox is Google Apps (Gmail). it is now full (almost 98%). most
messages are trash folder. just i did try to remove all trash messages
permantly on the web. but web browser was freeze. so i thank a
while. yes i have to ruby script!!! i like ruby but just i am newbie
level. so please advise any comments about empty trash gmail with
ruby. currently i use ruby 2.5 on ubuntu 18.04, hardware is chromebook [arm64].

any comments welcome!!! thanks in advance,,,


Byung-Hee from South Korea

Ruby Quiz - (Crypto) Blockchain Contract Edition - Challenge #1 - Create a 3x3 Tic-Tac-Toe Player vs Player Game Contract


I've started a new ruby quiz for secure (crypto) contract blockchain
scripting [1].

Challenge #1 - Create a 3x3 Tic-Tac-Toe Player vs Player Game Contract

Let's use the "Creating a Tic-Tac-Toe Smart Contract" [2] tutorial
and "real-world" sample contract from the EOS.IO blockchain.

The challenge: Code a contract for a 3x3 tic-tac-toe player vs player game
using sruby :-).

Can you do better (than the EOS.IO C++ "monster")?

Post your code snippets (or questions or comments) on the "official"
Ruby Quiz Channel,
that is, right here on the ruby-talk mailing list.



Some of my servers have been hacked and running a monero(?) coin miner. It
creates a directory
called /tmp/systemd-private-60ffef34724f43b19fa2d3962b83687e-systemd-timesyncd.service-sPMHHT
(or similar)

Also at the same time a /tmp/bundle directory is created

Do these seem related? Does anyone have an idea on this?

JRuby Released

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby

Homepage: <a href="" title=""></a>
Download: <a href="" title=""></a>

JRuby 9.2.x is our new major version of JRuby. It is expected to be
compatible with Ruby 2.5.x and stay in sync with C Ruby. JRuby is
our first release for 2.5 support.

If you do find issues then report them on using our issue tracker at
<a href="" title=""></a>. We also encourage users to join our IRC channel
(#jruby on Freenode) and mailing lists.

I Love Ruby Print edition is out

Hello Folks,

My Ruby book for beginners print edition is out. You may get it here
<a href="" title=""></a> . Please note that free web version
is available here <a href="" title=""></a> . This edition is for those
people who love to hold paper in their hands.

And thank you to all those who gave me encouraging words and critism, its
helping me top improve every day. I will work on my book more to bring
Design Patterns topic to my print edition soon.

prettier for Ruby

Hi Ruby community,

I've released a plugin for prettier that supports the Ruby language, and it
got merged into the prettier org this morning. It's here:
<a href="" title=""></a>. Instructions for usage and more
descriptions of what prettier is are in the README, but a short version is
that prettier is an opinionated, deterministic formatter that integrates
with most editors. Let me know if you have any issues/questions/feedback.

I Love Ruby on Amazon

Hello All,

I have launched my Ruby programming book on Amazon here <a href="" title=""></a> . It should be handy for Kindle unlimited readers. Please don't pay to buy it as the free version is available here <a href="" title=""></a>

- Karthikeyan A K

Sent with [ProtonMail](<a href="" title=""></a>) Secure Email.

sruby – Simple, Secure and Solid Ruby: Run Ruby Contract / Transaction Scripts on the Blockchain / World Computer


I've published a new red paper [1] that introduces the new sruby
version / flavor.

What's sruby?

sruby - short for simple, secure & solid ruby - is a subset of mruby
that is a subset of "classic" ruby and lets you run contract /
transaction scripts on the blockchain (world computer).

Happy transacting with sruby. Questions and comments welcome. Cheers. Prost.

PS: Some sruby contract samples:

1) Hello, World!

Ruby 2.6.1 Released

Ruby 2.6.1 has been released.

## Changes

* [Net::Protocol::BufferedIO#write raises NoMethodError when sending
large multi-byte string](<a href="" title=""></a>) has
been fixed.

This release includes additional bug fixes.

That's why everybody is crazy about this

<a href="" title=""></a> <>

Jim Hendi

TraceSpy - TracePoint + Pattern Matching API

<a href="" title=""></a>

Made a wrapper around TracePoint after playing with it for a while to make
it a bit easier to watch all types of different things.

Programming Crypto Blockchain Contracts (in Ruby) Step-by-Step Book / Guide. Let's Start with Ponzi & Pyramid Schemes...


I've started a new (free online) step-by-step guide / booklet titled:

Programming Crypto Blockchain Contracts (with Ruby) Step-by-Step
Book / Guide. [1]
Let's Start with Ponzi & Pyramid Schemes. Run Your Own Lotteries,
Gambling Casinos and more on the Blockchain World Computer...

The first chapter about Ponzis & Pyramids is online with
ready-to-run contract scripts in ruby.

Free ebook about data structures in Ruby

Data structures from scratch. A brisk introduction to essential, advance
and persistent data structures using the Ruby programming language.

The text is a curated selection of articles intended for beginners and
self-taught programmers. It's not advanced nor academic material. It's just
a selection of articles from my blog bundled as an ebook for those looking
for an informal introduction to data structures.

Need to advice: i want to reduce code lines

Hi, i wrote some ruby codes that used hanwoo breeding. That is so long line. Is
that possible to reduce lines? And i'm new to ruby. Thanks in advance!!!

Here are the codes:
<a href="" title=""></a>

kramdown 2.0.0 released

## About kramdown

kramdown (sic, not Kramdown or KramDown, just kramdown) is a *free*
MIT-licensed [Ruby](<a href="" title=""></a>) library for parsing a
superset of Markdown.

It is completely written in Ruby, supports standard Markdown (with some
minor modifications) and various extensions that have been made popular
by the PHP Markdown Extra package and Maruku.

Homepage for installation instructions and documentation:
<a href="" title=""></a>

## kramdown 2.0.0 released

This is a major release with breaking changes!

The most notable changes are that Ruby 2.3 is now required, R

Re: Ruby Quiz - Challenge #11 - Blockchain Contracts - Disassemble & Assemble Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Opcodes / Bytecodes

Gerald Bauer wrote:
$ ruby -v lib/011.rb
ruby 2.6.0p0 (2018-12-25 revision 66547) [x86_64-linux]
Run options: --seed 51739
# Running:
Finished in 0.009713s, 308.8672 runs/s, 308.8672 assertions/s.
3 runs, 3 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors, 0 skips

$ cat lib/011.rb
# frozen_string_literal: true
require_relative '../011/test.rb'

class RubyQuizTest
@@op2hex = Ethereum::Opcodes::TABLE
.transform_values{|v| v.to_s.freeze}

@@hex2op =

Why do we need #respond_to_missing?


I was wondering why do we need #respond_to_missing? as a separate method. I
tried searching for a rationale in the Ruby bug tracker but couldn't find

I don't understand how it's different from overriding #respond_to? to match
dynamic methods and calling super on other matches.

The answer I'm NOT looking for is that #method wouldn't work, etc. as this
is an answer to a different question ("Why do I need to override

Why was Ruby designed in a way that introduces a distinction between
#respond_to? and #respond_to_missing?

Ruby Quiz - Challenge #11 - Blockchain Contracts - Disassemble & Assemble Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Opcodes / Bytecodes


It's Friday. Ruby Quiz time! Join us. Let's keep going with a new
Ruby Quiz [1] every fortnight.

Testing MJIT on RHEL 7.5

Hello, I'm new to this list.

New kittyverse library / gem - helper classes for cattributes, trait types, traits, genes, genomes and more for cryptokitties and copycats cryptocollectibles (on the blockchain)


I've put together a new kittyverse library / gem [1] that includes
helper classes for cattributes, trait types, traits, genes, genomes
and more for cryptokitties and copycats cryptocollectibles (on the

Article: How to Reduce Test Interference in Minitest


I'd like to share an article explaining my reasoning behind
minitest-fork_executor <>
- a gem for increasing process-level test isolation:

How to Reduce Test Interference in Minitest

Feedback welcome!
Greg Navis

nokogiri v1.10.1 released

Nokogiri version v1.10.1 has been released

This release contains bugfixes, better support for the latest version of
XCode, and a small performance improvement.

Nokogiri (鋸) is an HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parser.

Can't load any bugs from

I'm getting the following screen for every page I try to visit on

<a href="" title=""></a>

Seems like my IP address (Comcast, dynamic) has been flagged somehow? I
promise I didn't try to attack anything.

- Charlie

Ruby GTK modify widget colors


I want to modify the widget colors in GTK3.

Template Method Pattern (GoF) without abstract methods in Ruby


I have some questions re. the Template Method Pattern (GoF) in Ruby.

I need to update a simple management reporting system and have to add HTML to the so far text-based reports. Looks to me like the classical use case for the Template Method Pattern. I learned from Russ Olsen’s book »Design Patterns in Ruby« that we do not have / use / „make up“ abstract methods in Ruby.

Representing money

Pardon my curiosity -- what do you use to represent money in your code? It seems to me that the choices are between:

1) BigDecimal

2) Rational

3) A custom class
To my way of thinking, if you are multi-currency, you almost certainly want #3; but otherwise it's down to personal preference?

Behaviour of round changed?

I am moving some algorithms between 1.9.3 and 2.4.2 and found (after much
head scratching)

2.4.2 :001 > 1.015.round(2)
=> 1.02

1.9.3-p551 :001 > 1.015.round(2)
=> 1.01

We are calculating margin prices and round input values to 2 places because
the precision is not needed and it can help with caching

The tests broke :(

Let me see if I understand this, Ruby has changed how basic maths functions

Can I trust ceil, floor, truncate or any of the other number related

Do I need to write tests for the language itself for when I upgrade to a
newer version in the future or should

Re: Ruby Quiz - Challenge #10 - Breeding Kitties - Mix Genes Using the Sooper-Sekret Formula in the GeneSciene CryptoKitties Blockchain Contract

Gerald Bauer wrote:
$ ruby -v lib/010.rb
ruby 2.6.0p0 (2018-12-25 revision 66547) [x86_64-linux]
Run options: --seed 48193
# Running:
Finished in 0.004043s, 247.3455 runs/s, 742.0366 assertions/s.

$ cat lib/010.rb
require_relative '../010/test.rb'

class RubyQuizTest
def mixgenes(mgenes, sgenes)
# can't resist new toys :-)
(0..).step(4).take(12).each do |i|
3.downto(1) do |j|
mgenes[i+j],mgenes[i+j-1] = mgenes[i+j-1],mgenes[i+j] if rand<

Article: Numbering Copies Using Enumerators


I'd like to share an article about numbering model copies in Rails apps
(e.g. "My Page - copy 1") using enumerators:

Numbering Copies Using Enumerators

Feedback appreciated!

Best regards
Greg Navis

olddoc 1.6.0 - old-fashioned RDoc generator

olddoc contains old-fashioned document generators for those who do not
wish to impose bloated, new-fangled web cruft on their readers.

olddoc contains oldweb, an HTML generator without any images, frames,
CSS, or JavaScript. It is designed for users of text-based browsers
and/or low-bandwidth connections. oldweb focuses on text as it is
the lowest common denominator for accessibility and compatibility
with people and hardware.

== Reasons

* No CSS.

fork with exit [some integer] seems to not change exitstatus in Process.wait2, ruby 2.2.4

Happy New Year ruby-talk.

I'm attempting to retrieve the exit status of child processes. So far, no
matter how the child process exists, wait2 status only has a 1 for

I'm also seeing "unexpected throw" messages.

suggestions for redirecting https -> http and back

Hello !

I recently purchased a .app web domain which requires all traffic be https.
However I'm working on a project which access an api which only serves http
(<a href="" title=""></a>). This is causing mixed content errors.After a
bit of research, I am thinking to

nokogiri v1.10.0 released

Nokogiri version v1.10.0 has been released.

This is a maintenance update focused on Ruby version support and updating
vendored CRuby libraries.

Nokogiri (鋸) is an HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parser.

Ruby Quiz - Challenge #10 - Breeding Kitties - Mix Genes Using the Sooper-Sekret Formula in the GeneSciene CryptoKitties Blockchain Contract


It's Friday. Ruby Quiz time! Join us. Let's keep going with a new
Ruby Quiz [1] every fortnight. Here we go:

Challenge #10 - Breeding Kitties - Mix Genes Using the Sooper-Sekret
Formula in the GeneSciene CryptoKitties Blockchain Contract

CryptoKitties lets you breed new kitties. Pick a matron and a sire and
a new bun is in the oven.

Now how does the "magic" mixing of genes work? What genes do new
(offspring) kitties inherit from parents?

ZenTest 4.11.2 Released

ZenTest version 4.11.2 has been released!

* home: <>
* rdoc: <>

ZenTest provides 4 different tools: zentest, unit_diff, autotest, and

zentest scans your target and unit-test code and writes your missing
code based on simple naming rules, enabling XP at a much quicker pace.
zentest only works with Ruby and Minitest or Test::Unit.

Ruby mogilefs-client 3.12.0 released

A MogileFS client library for Ruby. MogileFS is an open source
distributed filesystem, see:
<a href="" title=""></a> for more

omnifocus 2.4.0 Released

omnifocus version 2.4.0 has been released!

* home: <>
* rdoc: <>

Synchronizes bug tracking systems to omnifocus.


### 2.4.0 / 2019-01-02

* 1 minor enhancement:

* Switched to rb-scpt for OSX compatibility.

dtas 0.16.0 - duct tape audio suite for *nix

Free Software command-line tools for audio playback, mastering, and
whatever else related to audio. dtas follows the worse-is-better
philosophy and acts as duct tape to combine existing command-line tools
for flexibility and ease-of-development. dtas is currently implemented
in Ruby (and some embedded shell), but may use other languages in the


A bunch of minor fixes and cleanups accumulating for the past
two years since the last release.

A new Rails book is in the making

Hello All,

I am writing a new DRM free Ruby on Rails book, and I have launched a
funding campaign for it here <a href="" title=""></a> . I hope it will
do good for the community.

Ruby-only way to access local copy of Ruby documentation using local web server?

Is there a Ruby-only way to access a local copy of Ruby documentation
using a local web server? I don't have Apache or any other web server

1. I download the official Ruby documentation from
<a href="" title=""></a>

2. I unpack the documentation as hierarchical directories of web files
into ./ruby_2_6_core/ and ./ruby_2_6_stdlib/


possible bug with hacked autoload path and classes/modules

Hey, I am experimenting with decorated Kernel#require and hacked paths, and
while everything works as expected, this use case doesn't:

module Kernel
alias original_require require
def require(path)
if path == "hacked"

Object.autoload(:User, "hacked")

In user.rb we have "class User; end" and the error message is

uninitialized constant User (NameError)
Did you mean?

Invitation to RubyKaigi 2019

Hi, Ruby developers!

Let me announce that RubyKaigi 2019 tickets are available now!
<a href="" title=""></a>

The Kaigi is going to be held in Fukuoka in April. Please check our
official web site for more details.

Regular Expression UTF-8 Alphanumeric+Whitespace Match, Ignore Embedded Punctuation

I do a lot of work with a mix of English and Korean UTF-8 text. I need a
regular expression to match both English and Korean (multi-byte) text.

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