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csvrecord - read in comma-separated values (csv) records with typed structs / schemas


I've put together a new library / gem called csvrecord [1] that
let's you read in comma-separated values (csv) records
with typed structs / schemas.

mime-types 3.2 Released!

mime-types version 3.2 has been released!

* home: <>
* code: <>
* bugs: <>
* rdoc: <>
* continuous integration: <{img
alt="Build Status"
* test coverage: <{img
alt="Coverage Status"

mwrap 2.1.0 mwrap - LD_PRELOAD malloc wrapper for Ruby

mwrap 2.1.0 - heap_page_body struct tracking

This release enables tracking of memalign allocations for
"struct heap_page_body" in the Ruby GC.

FreeBSD port for RubyTk

I prepared the FreeBSD port for gem 'tk' .

I don't know if it will be accepted and how long it will take
to see it in the ports tree. So, you can find it here attached in case
you want to try.

The port compiles against Tk8.6 and installs it if it is
not already present in the system.


csvutils - tools 'n' scripts for working with comma-separated values (csv) datafiles - the world's most popular tabular data interchange format in text


I've put together a new library / gem called csvutils [1] that collects
scripts for wrangling with comma-separated values (csv) datafiles -
the world's most popular tabular data interchange format in text.

Try the help option `-h/--help` with the command line tools.

csvpack Update - Work with tabular data packages in ruby (download, import into sql, query w/ ActiveRecord and more)


I've updated the csvpack (*) library / gem [1] that
let's you work with tabular data packages in ruby.

Download comma-separated values (CSV) datafiles in text - also known
as tabular datafiles and read into any sql database (e.g. SQLite,
PostgreSQL, ...), query w/ ActiveRecord and more. Example:

require 'csvpack'



Ruby CGI script <=> Java chatbot server - need to run some Javascript code for FaceBook Analytics


I have this chatbot set up:

<a href="" title=""></a>

and it stopped working sometime recently for NEW chats - I can't work
out why Messenger continues to work for my test FB account but not for
new chatters - there are alerts to get the app reviewed again although
under "App Review" it says: "Your app is currently live and available to
the public."

Anyway, I want to add this Javascript stuff to the Ruby script somehow
so the FB analytics will work so I might have a better chance of finding
out why NEW chats are not making it to the Ruby script .

2FA enforcement on GitHub organization.

Hi, all.

I enabled the 2FA enforcement on the Ruby organization of
GitHub(<a href="" title=""></a>)
We faced that attackers try to get the admin permission of GitHub
organization with Gentoo, npm and other famous open-source projects.

* <a href="" title=""></a>
* <a href="" title=""></a>

If you have been kicked from ruby organization caused by this
enforcement. Please notify me after preparing to 2FA with your GitHub


An issue with a Technical Meritocracy

As we talk about "Nice" and "Tk" I saw an issue in the traditional
Open Source meritocracy pattern.

We promote, through "cred" (credibility), those who show strong
technical merit. They become "leaders". Yet "leading", and "organizing
a group who can contribute to a project", are very different skills
from "coding ability" and "technical savvy".

I thought through Marvin Gülker's comments about people contributing
to revive Tk. Mixed that with Andy's reply and Nicola's support, and
realized that a team could be formed but the organizer would need to
be able to do Ruby, C, and leadership.

How to gracefully kill IRB


leaving aside our RubyGUI debate for while, I have a question about IRB.

The script i have currently in dev. ends with this:
When I close the GUI (an action calling "Tk::exit; exit(0)" ) , the
shell invoking the script
remains in an inconsistent state, i type and i get nothing printed into
it. I must kill it.
(i am running the thing in FreeBSD, lanunching my script from a Konsole)

Is there a way i can terminate IRB REPL
without doing Ctrl-d or Ctrl-d from the REPL itself, without loosing the
invoking shell ?


Qo 0.5.0 API

*What's Qo?*

Qo is a pattern matching implementation in pure Ruby.

It lets you do things like this:['Foo', 42]) { |m|
m.when(/^F/, Any) { 'Foo!' }
m.else { 'Not foo...' }
=> 'Foo!'

[['Foo', 42], ['Bar', 24]].map(&Qo.match { |m|
m.when(/^F/, Any) { 'Foo!' }
m.else { 'Not foo...' }
=> ['Foo!', 'Not foo...']

The syntax purposely mimics case statements.


Working on refining the API for Qo, mostly modeled after the 2.6+ potential
Hash#=== and Array#=== features. If these two are merged, Qo will likely
get substantially faster.

re: gui, tk, etc (was: [ANN] 2018 Call for Grant Proposals)

installing and using tk in ruby, fwiw:

1 download latest tcl/tc fr activestate (
<a href="" title=""></a>). by default it downloads
to /opt/
2 set lib location (wc is under /opt/ if you opted for the default) using

3 use tk in ruby using ffi-tk gem (<a href="" title=""></a>)

4 try the examples included in ffi-tk. they should work.

Qo 0.4.0 released

<a href="" title=""></a>

Qo v0.4.0 released!


* Wildcard replaced with the Any gem: <a href="" title=""></a>
* New logo


Qo[:*, :*] === [1, 1]
Qo[name: :*] === {id: 1, name: 'foo'}

now becomes

Qo[Any, Any] === [1, 1]
Qo[name: Any] === {id: 1, name: 'foo'}

Going to attempt to reconcile against the Array and Hash === proposals in
core at the moment:

[Any, Any] === [1, 1]
{name: Any} === {id: 1, name: 'foo'}

Expect more releases in the near future as we approach a solid v1 api.

yahns 1.16.0 -_- sleepy app server for Ruby

A Free Software, multi-threaded, non-blocking network
application server designed for low _idle_ power consumption.
It is primarily optimized for applications with occasional users
which see little or no traffic. yahns currently hosts Rack/HTTP
applications, but may eventually support other application

JetBrains RubyMine

For a number of years I was extremely pleased to use RubyMine as my
Ruby and Rails IDE.

However, to my dismay, I've discovered that JetBrains has disabled my
paid-for version of RubyMine because I didn't choose to upgrade at
this time!

I have never heard of this behaviour in a recent commercial software program!

Opinions, advice? I will almost certainly renew when I can, but
still... to deprive me of product I've paid for is at the very least
rude corporate behaviour!


I suspect that part of the problem is, "nice" is nearly meaningless in English. "Might I suggest that the world would greatly benefit if you jumped off a cliff?" is, arguably, nice, because I'm being polite.

I gather that the Japanese word that got translated to "nice" in "Matz is nice..." has a more specific meaning.

I'm one of those folks who would rather have a proper code of conduct, with an explanation for how it would be enforced.

2018 Call for Grant Proposals

The Ruby Association is looking to give grants for development
projects related to Ruby implementations, libraries and frameworks, including
projects that improve existing software.

If you have a good idea, please submit a proposal.

Is it possible to use __END__ in .erb file?

I would love to use __END__ / DATA in my .erb file (executed
via `erb file.erb`. I've tried

<head />
<%= DATA %>

but that does not work

Traceback (most recent call last):
5: from /usr/bin/erb:170:in `<main>'
4: from /usr/bin/erb:149:in `run'
3: from /usr/lib/ruby/2.5.0/erb.rb:858:in `run'
2: from /usr/lib/ruby/2.5.0/erb.rb:876:in `result'
1: from /usr/lib/ruby/2.5.0/erb.rb:876:in `eval'
genki.html.erb:4023:in `<main>': uninitialized constant DATA (NameError)

Is it possible to do this somehow?


Which version of Ruby did the clone method begin to work on TrueClass, Fixnum and Symbol and others?

Hi All,
In version 2.2, when I do something like true.clone, I get a runtime/type
error. In 2.4 and later this works.
Does anyone know when this occurred. I would like it for my install docs.

Thanks in advance.

Ed Howland
<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>

Trying to identify directories

Trying to figure out why this doesn't put just the directory names.
There are directories in options[:source] and if I start an irb
session in that directory, pick a directory name like "docs", and do:'docs')
it returns true.

Besides a brain, a clue.

Install Ruby on solaris

Hi I am new for Solaris. How to install Ruby in Solaris?? Plz help me out
with this.

Ruby-based SAML

Is there a gem implementing the SAML standard the way PHP does (<a href="" title=""></a>)?

Here is my use case: Customer X wants to access a remote application (managed by a cloud vendor) through federated SSO. However Customer X doesn’t have any means to support SAML on their on-premise server. Alternatively, I could use OpenID Connect (OIDC), but I couldn’t find appropriate Ruby support for that either (and I don’t want to use PHP!).

Sent from mobile device - Pardon possible typos!

Ruby Fiddle on Windows

Hello guys
I need help in `Fiddle` it's really missing documentation and examples

I have the following code (
<a href="" title=""></a>)
The full error is right down the code
I'm trying to call Windows APIs and inject a raw code (shellcode) to run it
directly in the memory
I don't know if this error is a Ruby bug or there's an issue in my code

OS: Windows 10 - 32bit
Ruby version: 2.5.1p57

A python version above each line.
I'm really shocked that I needed more than 29 lines to deal with C library
for my case which is converting a 6-lines python script

mwrap 2.0.0 mwrap - LD_PRELOAD malloc wrapper for Ruby

mwrap is designed to answer the question:

Which lines of Ruby are hitting malloc the most?

mwrap wraps all malloc-family calls to trace the Ruby source
location of such calls and bytes allocated at each callsite.
As of mwrap 2.0.0, it can also function as a leak detector
and show live allocations at every call site.

File.join compared with Pathname#join

This difference was surprising to me:

irb (2.4.4)
require ‘pathname’‘foo’).join(‘/bar’)
=> #<Pathname:/bar>‘foo’).join(‘bar’)
=> #<Pathname:foo/bar>

File.join(‘foo’, ‘/bar’)
=> “foo/bar”
File.join(‘foo’, ‘bar’)
=> “foo/bar”

Is there a reasonable explanation that I can’t think of for this behavior?


Unsubscribe: <>

Key book re-writes?

A few Ruby books are aging; the pickaxe book is one favorite that could use
an update. Is there any push to update Key Ruby books, maybe in time for
Ruby 3?

Or am I just wishing harder than usual?


Class that opens and adds variables to instances of another class?

I think I'm trying to figure out the Decorator pattern. What I want is
to have a <thing> that takes an instance of <something> and changes it.

extract repeated text from string


I am working on an issue where i need to extract repeated text from an

The string is abcdefzfabcdefzfabcdefzf

I tried using forward lookup as /(?=(a.*f))/ but this extracts groups as :


However I am looking for output as :

Any clues ?


PowerStation: a tool for detecting performance bugs in rails apps

Hi all,

Just wanted to put in a shameless plug for a new tool called
PowerStation [1] that we built for detecting performance issues in Rails
applications. It is a static code analyzer that identifies and
automatically suggests fixes for many performance issues in Rails apps.
Our tool has been integrated into the RubyMine IDE [2] and can also run
as a command line tool as well. Please check out our blog post [3] if
you are interested.

Teaching people to code

Does anyone here have any recommendations for resources on teaching people to code?

I've kind of volunteered to teach Ruby to some of my co-workers. I'm good at _explaining_ but I'm rapidly discovering that there is a big gap between that and teaching.

Worse, it looks as if one of my students has never coded before.

Problem: do threads always run for at least TIME_QUANTUM_USEC before termination, on Linux?

I have a GUI project (Tk), which makes use of threads for performing
background filesystem searches based on a filename pattern.

My system is a 4 cores, on recent Linux; the interpreter is MRI 2.3.

At any given time, there should be at most one search background
thread, so the requests for new searches cause termination of the one
currently executing.

The search code is properly structured: it's a simple loop through
directories, that exits either when the directories are exhausted, or
when a termination flag is passed (by the project scheduler) to the

The problem I've observed is

AUTO: Joerg Meidl is out of the office (Rückkehr am 20.07.2018)

Ich kehre zurück am 20.07.2018.

Sehr geerhte Damen und Herren!

Ich bin von 09.07.2018 bis 20.07. 2018auf Urlaub und habe nicht immer die
Möglichkeit meine Mails zu lesen!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Jörg Meidl

Hinweis: Dies ist eine automatische Antwort auf Ihre Nachricht "Re: Why
nil" gesendet am 09.07.2018 16:30:51.

Diese ist die einzige Benachrichtigung, die Sie empfangen werden, während
diese Person abwesend ist.

Unsubscribe: <>

Header files in Ruby repo?

Hoping this question has a simple answer, I'm familiar with where the
Header files can be found in a Distro's own packagment system,
typically the package names will have a "-dev" or "--devel" appended
to the end of the package name. If something similar exists for gem
files from the official Ruby repos and can't seem to find in
Documentation(My search skills seem to have failed me), I can't find

Call for entries for Ruby biz Grand prix 2018


This is Shugo Maeda from the Ruby biz Grand prix 2018 executive committee.

We started invitation to the fourth contest Ruby biz Grand prix 2018.
This Grand prix is to make honorable recognition of services and products that create innovative new values of the programing language Ruby by utilizing it in the field of business.
Why don't you advertise your business or services by applying for this Grand prix?

[Exemplification of expected technical areas]
・Web application
・IoT (edge computing, sensor devices etc.), machine control
・Data analysis/utilization

We widely pro

undefined symbol: mjit_init_p

I pulled Ruby trunk on 3 Jul and am now getting errors similar to the

MJIT warning: failure in loading code from
'/tmp/': /tmp/ undefined
symbol: mjit_init_p

The pull before that was 4 June and I didn't get the errors.

packetgen 2.6.0 released

packetgen 2.6.0 has been released.

* home: <>
* bugs: <>
* doc: <>

PacketGen provides simple ways to generate, send and capture network

Known protocols are: Ethernet, Dot11, Dot1x, ARP, IP, IPv6, GRE, ICMP,


### 2.6.0 / 2018-07-04

* Add support for mDNS protocol.
* Header::SNMP#initialize now supports 2 more options:
* one to s

timer thread [was Re: [ruby-alerts:7905] failure alert on trunk-asserts@silicon-docker (NG (r63844))]

Many CI failures are caused by pthread_create failing for timer.

I will try using POSIX timers API (timer_create/timer_settime/...)
on such platforms to eliminate timer thread (at least for
single-threaded code).

nokogiri 1.8.4 Released

Nokogiri version 1.8.4 has been released!

This release fixes a memory leak related to creating namespaced nodes which
was introduced waaaaay back in v1.5.7 (March 2013). If you're building or
modifying XML documents by inserting nodes with namespaces, it's probably
worth upgrading.

Thanks to @paddor for finding this memory leak!

# 1.8.4 / 2018-07-03

## Bug fixes

* [MRI] Fix memory leak when creating nodes with namespaces. (Introduced in
v1.5.7) [#1771]

mwrap - LD_PRELOAD malloc wrapper + line stats for Ruby

mwrap is designed to answer the question:

Which lines of Ruby are hitting malloc the most?

mwrap wraps all malloc, calloc, and realloc calls to trace the Ruby
source location of such calls and bytes allocated at each callsite.
This functionality may be expanded in the future.

It does not track allocation lifetimes, or frees, however.

Capture calls to `eval`.

I would like to capture calls to eval.

I tried using trace points which does get pretty close:

@call_trace = do |trace_point|
if trace_point.method_id == :eval
# How to get args?

I also tried to override Kernel.eval but that didn't seem to work correctly
either. I might be doing something wrong.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Read individual characters off socket?

Hi! I'm trying to read a character-at-a-time off a network socket;
while (say) getch kinda-sorta does that, it only does it once the remote
end has submitted the entire line via <CR>.

not getting redmine or ruby-cvs mails...

Is the list working at all?

Unsubscribe: <>

packetgen 2.5.2 released

packetgen 2.5.2 has been released.

* home: <>
* bugs: <>
* doc: <>

PacketGen provides simple ways to generate, send and capture network

Known protocols are: Ethernet, Dot11, Dot1x, ARP, IP, IPv6, GRE, ICMP,
and HTTP.


### 2.5.2 / 2018-06-26

* Add support for NetBIOS session protocol.
* Fix a bug on MacOS: loopback device name was poorly guessed

How to distribute shoes app ?

Greetings my beloved rubyists,

After strolling through the gardens of Java, clojure into the dark caves of

I'm back home to Ruby. I recently got to know about this beautiful tiny GUI
framework called shoes.

How can we distribute a simple Shoes app ?

Is it :

1. Ask the end user to install shoes.
2. Ask him to run your Ruby script.

Thank you !

sportweb Gem Update - Instant sport.db Web Admin (Rails Engine) Command Line Tool / Server - Browse All World Cups etc.


for the world cup I've updated the sportweb command line tool [1] that
lets you browse your local sport.db / worldcup.db with a built-in
instant web admin server (and rails engine).

Browse all world cups (from Uruguay 1930 to Russia 2018) or build
your own sport league / tournament.

Cheers. Prost. Enjoy the beautiful game with ruby (and rails).

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

Unsubscribe: <>

EventMachine, single-character input, and start_server?

Hi! EventMachine is really nifty. It even supports single-character
input, which is something I've realized I need... but I'm not sure it
supports it over a network connection. Or, rather, I'm thinking maybe
it doesn't.

1) Can I get character-at-a-time input via EventMachine for a
network-based connection?
2) Failing that, what other recommendations might be out there?

Yes idiom to shorten a long regex


I have some data that I would like to parse with a regex.

./bin/rake db:migrate db:seed db:test:prepare Fails

Referring to the link: [[ <>]]
I was setting up the development environment of an opensource project developed in Ruby  : openproject  in ubuntu 16, gnome-terminal.

nokogiri 1.8.3 released

Nokogiri version 1.8.3 has been released!

TL;DR: This is a feature and bugfix release. There's also a commit reverted
in the vendored upstream libxml2 that the Nokogiri maintainers feel
introduced unnecessary security risk involving sanitizing HTML attributes.
You're encouraged to read the release notes and the related documents if
you're curious or want to evaluate whether you should upgrade.

The release is being made from NYC, at the twelfth and final GORUCO.

Best Language For The Job

Here is a really old version of a browser game i wrote in PHP(1). Please
don't share the link as I'm very limited in resources. This is the type of
browser game I'm trying to create. It is an open source version of
Batllemail, a now defunct game written by Paul Gouge. Players would pick 6
attacks and 6 blocks and then the challenge would be sent to the opponent.
After the opponent does the same if he accepts the challenge, bother users
are treated to a Kung-Fu style cinematic played out based on what both
players choose(2)(3). I know you guys might be bias, but i still want your

Open port, then lower privs.

Hi, all. "For reasons," I need to set up a telnet-like service -- and,
yeah, it needs to be on port 23. In the Unix world, ports < 1024
require root privs to open, but I don't want my server running with root
privs for reasons that should be obvious. Using the base Eventmachine
example, I'm wondering if someone could show me how to do this? I see
that there's a "set_effective_user(username)" method on the object, but
I don't see how to use that on the object since instantiating it seems
to execute it, and it's too late to do it afterward...

Anyone interested in building a Ruby alternative to RoundCubeMail ?


I have been using RCM for many years and although it is the best current
option for my needs, there are still some changes / enhancements I would
make if I could - but it is written in PHP and there is no way I am
going to put any effort into learning that.

Design patterns used in ActiveRecord Library

Hi Folks,

Just came across the question regarding what are the different design
patterns used in ActiveRecord library,

As of I know ORM is one of the design pattern used,

Is there any other design pattern used in ActiveRecord library?


Is there some reason that presents the merge method in the
example block for update method ?

<a href="" title=""></a>

thank you,

Hash["string1, string2"]

Hello Ruby Friends!

I was reviewing Ruby docs and re-learned that a Hash can be created from
what appears to be a list of strings with the requirement that there is
even number.

I try it in irb:

irb(main):004:0> Hash["stringA1", "stringA2", "stringB1", "stringB2"]
=> {"stringA1"=>"stringA2", "stringB1"=>"stringB2"}

Yet when I try to automate it with a variable I see that the argument of
list appears to be unacceptable.

In irb:

irb(main):007:0> s = ["stringA1", "stringA2", "stringB1", "stringB2"]
=> ["stringA1", "stringA2", "stringB1", "stringB2"]
irb(main):008:0> Hash[s]
(irb):8: warni

HighLine 2.0.0

Hi all,

We've finally released HighLine 2.0.0.
Last year I wrote the bellow email asking people for testing the pre
release version of it. So I think everything we'll be ok!

HighLine is 13 years old now.
We've tried to put it back in shape!

footty - football.db command line tool / client for world cup (russia 2018)


for the upcoming football world cup in russia 2018 - the world’s
biggest show (3+ billion fans) - I’ve put together a little command
line tool / client in ruby called footty that lets you query the
online football.db HTTP JSON API services for upcoming or past

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