conflict between 1.8.7 and 1.9.3 installations

I've got installations of 1.8.7p334 and 1.9.3p0 in /usr/local. But
there's a conflict in the location of one installed lib...

Configure ruby 1.9.3 with:

./configure --program-suffix=19

Then 'make install' installs libruby-static.a to:


This conflicts with an existing 1.8.7 installation. The conflict appears
in an extension's extconf.rb when calling


which should fail for 1.8.7. (This happens with the eventmachine gem.)

Is there some configure argument that will give libruby-static.a some
suffix for the 1.9.3 installation?

Should I use --libdir to keep all of 1.9.3 separate from 1.8.7?

Any other suggestions (other than rvm)?