Copycats Gem - SQL Database Schema / Tables and ActiveRecord Models for CryptoKitties for Easy Stats / Queries / Analytics and More - Models incl. Kitty, Gene, Trait, ...


I've put together a (free, open source) SQL database schema /
tables and ActiveRecord models for CryptoKitties packed up for easy
(re)use in a ruby library / gem. Still early and suggestions more than
welcome on how to make it better, easier, faster, etc.

The models incl. Kitty (of course), Gene, Trait and more. The idea
is to make (big cat) queries easy (thus, all 48 genes of a kitty in a
"flat" genes tables along with all others) e.g.:

genes = Gene.find_by( trait: Trait.find_by( name: 'savannah' )) # query { |gene| gene.kitty } #
get kitties (from gene)

Find the source at the Copycats project page [1].

Cheers. Prost.

PS: You can read-in all 500000+ kitties using the Kitties on the
Blockchain [2] public dataset in comma-separated values (CSV) format
in blocks of a thousand kitties each.

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[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

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