Day 5 - Ruby Advent Calendar 2017 - json - Read Next Generation JSON Versions (HanSON, SON, JSONX/JSON11, etc.) with Comments, Unquoted Keys, Multi-Line Strings, Trailing Commas, Optional Commas, and More


welcome back to the Ruby Advent Calendar 2017 [1] - 25 Days
of Ruby Gems / Libraries from December 1 to December 25.

Let’s continue the series on Day 5 with json-next [2] - Read next
generation JSON versions (HanSON, SON, JSONX/JSON11, etc.) with
comments, unquoted keys, multi-line strings, trailing commas, optional
commas, and more.

The json-next gem lets you convert and read (parse) next gen JSON
versions including: HanSON e.g. HANSON.parse, SON e.g. SON.parse,
JSONX e.g. JSONX.parse.

Bonus: More JSON Formats. See the Awesome JSON (What's Next?) [3]
collection / page.


PS: You’re more than welcome to send in your articles (about your
library / gem of choice) too!

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