Illustrated Guide to Ruby

Hey all, I'm working on a new book: An Illustrated Guide to Ruby. Havenwood
is helping me write as well.

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Short version: I'm using cute Lemurs to teach Ruby.

Currently it's my NaNoWriMo project, but a long term idea of mine I wanted
to fully realize. After reading books like Learn You a Haskell and Why's
Poignant Guide I wanted to write a true beginners book for Ruby.

The illustrations take a bit to catch up as they take ~20-30m each
including digitalization, though I'm getting faster. Where it'll really
shine is around each, blocks, classes, Enumerable, and other slightly hard
to grasp concepts for beginners.

I'd love any and all feedback, but do realize that the book is in rough
draft so there will be a number of small typos. I'm focusing on content for

Subsequent to this book I'll be using similar styles to explain some more
abstract concepts around Functional Programming with pictures.


- baweaver (Lemur)