An issue with a Technical Meritocracy

As we talk about "Nice" and "Tk" I saw an issue in the traditional
Open Source meritocracy pattern.

We promote, through "cred" (credibility), those who show strong
technical merit. They become "leaders". Yet "leading", and "organizing
a group who can contribute to a project", are very different skills
from "coding ability" and "technical savvy".

I thought through Marvin G├╝lker's comments about people contributing
to revive Tk. Mixed that with Andy's reply and Nicola's support, and
realized that a team could be formed but the organizer would need to
be able to do Ruby, C, and leadership. Maybe not a guru in the first
two but as Andy says; we all have competing demands on our time and
mental energy.

So yes, I've given thought to the Tk idea. There seems to be
possibilities but one of the first challenges would be to support the
team members at the level they can participate at. "Encouraging
People" seems to be different than "Optimizing Code". :)


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