Re: Ruby Quiz - Challenge #7 - Type Inference - Convert Strings to Null, Number, Not a Number (NaN), Date & More

It seems that my previous message wasn't delivered due to a couple of MIME
headers or for some other reason. At least I can't see it on either
or So I'm sending it again, sorry if you have received it twice.

Why not use regular expressions?

nan: /\ANaN\z/,
null: /\An[iu]ll?\z/i,
float: /\A\d+\.\d+\z/,
int: /\A\d+\z/

def convert(values) do |v|
case v
when PATTERNS[:nan] then Float::NAN
when PATTERNS[:null] then nil
when PATTERNS[:date] then Date.strptime(v, '%Y.%m.%d')
when PATTERNS[:float] then v.to_f
when PATTERNS[:int] then v.to_i
else v.to_s

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