firefox-60.5.0-2.el7.centos.x86_64 and Netflix

Hi all,

Since the last upgrade to firefox-60.5.0-2.el7.centos.x86_64 on my
CentOS 7, it is no longer possible to watch Netflix with my Firefox, it
always says that "Firefox is installing components needed to play the
audio or video on this page. Please try again later."
But nothing happens and Netflix is no longer readable with Firefox...
I tried downgrading to firefox-60.4.0-1.el7.centos.x86_64 and al is now
correct with Netflix...
Anyone had experienced the same behavior ?

CentOS 7, rsyslog and redis

Is there a sensible way to get rsyslog to talk to redis on CentOS 7.
The official way is to use the omhiredis plugin, but that doesn't seem
to exist in the CentOS 7 repositories? (It's how I do it on my Fedora

The long version:

I'm trying to rationalise logging and am using an ELK stack.

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Today's Topics:


Latest kernel crashes X and gnome


Anyone else having problems with kernel 3.10.0-957.5.1.el7.x86_64?

After my yum update today a reboot hung.

C7, enable an abrt for a daemon

I've mentioned here before that gssproxy is crashing all over the place
with a SEGV. However, there's no /var/spool/abrt/... when it does. How do
I enable the daemon to give me an abrt with information? I'm just not sure
of what the right word is for systemd, so online searching isn't always

Thanks in advance.


netmask on aliases overriden by netmask on interface


We have a host with the following ifcfg file contents:

. .

Did I install too much for clamav?

I just checked the status of amavisd:

# systemctl -l status amavisd
● amavisd.service - Amavisd-new is an interface between MTA and content
   Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/amavisd.service; enabled;
vendor preset: disabled)
   Active: active (running) since Thu 2019-02-07 08:16:59 EST; 7h ago
     Docs: <a href="" title=""></a>
  Process: 5715 ExecStart=/usr/sbin/amavisd -c
/etc/amavisd/amavisd.conf (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
 Main PID: 6327 (/usr/sbin/amavi)
   CGroup: /system.slice/amavisd.service
           ├─6327 /usr/sbin/amavisd (master)

Are you going to FOSSAsia in Singapore?

If you are planning to attend FOSSAsia next month in Singapore, I'd like
to hear from you. Especially if you're willing to put in a little time
at our booth/table.


CentOS 6 and 389 Directory Server

I'm not sure it this is the correct location to ask these questions, but ...

In the past when I worked for a living the place where I worked had
thousands of RHEL Linux servers on various hardware, but the access was
controlled by Windows Active Directory and a third party piece of
software that was the middle-man between the 2.

Now that I no longer work I'm trying to build a CentOS Linux environment
where the access is controlled by 389-Directory Server.


Hi All - I have a systemd service file to start my application.

Part of my service file is:
ExecStart=/path to start
ExecStop=/path to stop

This works fine "normally".

However - when I do a "yum update; and reboot" my script detects a kernel
change and now does a number of "recompiling" steps for drivers and such
before starting my application.

persistent generic device for tape changer


mtx and therefor amanda use generic device /dev/sg<x> for tape changer.

These devices change on reboot.

How to make them persistent?

/dev/sch0 and /dev/sch1 seem to be persistent.

/dev/tape/by-id/ shows links from WWID to generic device

An UDEV rule could help? I have not found any example.

Pb with bounding


We have a Dell server with 4 Ethernet interface. I would to aggregate them in a bond.

Request for content: February newsletter

Due to being ill when I returned from FOSDEM, I'm behind on getting the
February newsletter out.

Many thanks to the SIGs that got their reports in!

If you have content that you would like to submit to the newsletter,
please send it to me, or to the Promo mailing list, ASAP. Thanks.

CentOS 7.6 update with gettimeofday()

In my app compiled on another linux I am getting
Assertion 'clock_gettime(clock_id, &ts) == 0' failed at
src/shared/time-util.c:34, function now(). Aborting.
when calling gettimeofday() on an update CentOS (did not fail in 7.5).
Is it possible that the update has changed the size of the types in the
timeval struct and causing the crash? Or has there be some for of bug
fix etc?



I have a C7 7.6.1810 install that I wish to "reinstall".
when I run "yum reinstall \* "
I get a long list of items saying will be updated or will be installed but
nothing happens - nothing is re-downloaded etc...

How do I get the system to actual download all current packages and
re-install them ?



Back to c7 and firewalld

If I've missed someone's response, apologies.

As I said, my converted rules seem fine, and I can run the script that
issues a bunch of direct rules for the built-in FORWARD rule...

C7 and firewalld, ongoing

I've got my direct rules, converted from a C6 iptables-save. I load them -
they're to add to the built-in FORWARD chain. They all seem to load... but
then, when I try to --reload, I get
Error: BUILTIN_CHAIN: chain 'FORWARD' is built-in chain

and firewall-cmd --direct --get-all-rules returns nothing.

Bug in libreoffice or cups?

C7 My manager's manager sent out a ppt. Nothing fancy, no animation.

1. Page down doesn't get me to the next page.
2. Slide show decides that on my left monitor, it should fill the entire
monitor- no options, with the slide, and the next slide, and that my
right-hand monitor shuold be *COMPLETELY* filled with the slide.
3. Hitting <esc> gets rid of the one on the right... and anything then
crashes all instances of libreoffice.
4. I just tried to print it out...

looking for a tool to convert my running system into a installation dvd

I m looking for a tool to convert my running system into a installation dvd.
Thanks for hint.
I found some tools working more or less for debian.

Thank for hints

Von meinem iPad gesendet

Xspace compliance

Hi All,

Hi have this requirement of making tboot-1.9.5-1.el7 and node-v0.12.0-1.el7.x86_64 , Xspace compliance. Please help me to achieve this. Any documentation or hint would be a much help.

Regards and Thanks

CentOS 7 - AltArch i386 - DVD iso?

Just curious. In the two most recent releases of CentOS 7 AltArch i386
there has not been made available a DVD iso (or the live ones) alongside
NetInstall/Minimal/Everything. Any plans to make available the DVD
variation for the current or future releases?

For older 32-bit hardware, it can be nice to be able to burn a single layer

Thanks for your time,

PCMCIA on Centos 7

Anyone ever look into what would be required to support 16 bit PCMCIA cards
on 7?

There are still 64 bit computers out there with at least 1 PCMCIA slot.


OVAL content

Hi all,
Much like Ubuntu and Debian teams have OVAL content published for detecting
vulnerabilities, are there plans of publishing such content? e.g.
<a href="" title=""></a>

On a related note, has anybody looked into using RHEL oval content on

C7, firewalld and rich rules

Hi, again, folks,

I'm trying to convert a number of iptables rules to firewalld rich
rules. I need to do this, because this is, in fact, a firewall, to
protect access to servers with sensitive data. It will limit access to
the servers behind it to a specific network, and nobody else, and allow
only certain services through.

What I've been trying to find is a script/program that converts the
output of iptables-save to something I can feed to firewall-cmd.
Anyone have a link to such?

I admit this is annoying.

Atomic and Configmanagement

When will these two components’ source reach the vault?


Applying changes to route-eth0

I have a series of static routes in route-eth0

Recently I had to made changes and could not find an effective way to
get the old routes out and the new routes in.

ifdown-route seems to apply the content of route-eth0 to take down the
routes listed and ifup-route brings up routes based on route-

So what ends up is that the old routes never go away, just new routes added.

ifdown eth0; ifup eth0

works, but is a bit heavy-handed for only changing routes.

So how do I clear out the routing table and have it rebuilt based on
ifcfg-eth0 and route-eth0 without bouncing the interface completely

SELinux policy vs. static web content


Some time ago I wrote an introductory article about SELinux on my blog.
I'm currently updating it for my new blog, and I found a curious change
in SELinux policy. Here goes.

For demonstration purposes, I'm using some static webpages, more exactly
the default pages found in /usr/share/httpd/noindex, which I simply
copied over to /var/www/html.

As a first practical example, I'm copying this stuff over to /tmp/backup
and then move it back again.

pip on C7

I am trying to install the python-onvif package on C7.

I did:
pip install onvif
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): onvif in
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): suds>=0.4 in
/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages (from onvif)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade):
suds-passworddigest in /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages (from onvif)
You are using pip version 8.1.2, however version 19.0.1 is available.
You should consider upgrading via the 'pip install --upgrade pip' command.

How do I get it to go ahead

EPEL repo problem

This keeps logging:

Could not get metalink
<a href=";arch=x86_64" title=";arch=x86_64">;arch=x86_64</a> error was
14: HTTPS Error 503 - Service Unavailable

I've removed the epel-release package, done a "yum clean all", then
reinstalled it, but still get the same error.

kernel boot issues


I run CentOS release 6.10 (Final) on a Dell Inspiron M6700.

2.6.32-754.el6.x86_64 boots, and is whaat I am running now

none of these, updated ones, won't boot:





They all show the same 'symptom',  grub says it is booting that kernel,
screen blanks, solid corned in the left-top corner...  and that's whee
it stays.

I know this is vague, but any ideas?



Signature Pad (Evolis Signotec Sig100)


Please forgive me for being off topic and really off list !!!

I am trying to get a Sig100 signature pad to work with Centos 7.6 machine and am not
getting much support from the manufacturer. The product is sold as linux compatible, but
so far it is not. I have been able to download their software on a microsoft system and
see that the unit does work on microsoft.

My question to everyone on the list is have any of you had any brand of signature pad work
with Centos 7.6? If so I would surely appreciate knowing the brand and how you did it.

C7, mdadm issues

I've no idea what happened, but the box I was working on last week has a
*second* bad drive. Actually, I'm starting to wonder about that
particulare hot-swap bay.

Anyway, mdadm --detail shows /dev/sdb1 remove. I've added /dev/sdi1... but
see both /dev/sdh1 and /dev/sdi1 as spare, and have yet to find a reliable
way to make either one active.

Actually, I would have expected the linux RAID to replace a failed one
with a spare....

Clues for the poor?

Several tests failing

I’m attempting to build a 7.63.0 RPM for centos from a spec file I created.

I am getting the following tests failures:
“These test cases failed: 206 1049 1060 1061 1232 1241 1421”

Here is an example of an output for test 206, any help to get insights into it would be greatly appreciated:

test 0206...[HTTP proxy CONNECT auth Digest]
../libtool --mode=execute /usr/bin/valgrind --tool=memcheck --quiet --leak-check=yes --suppressions=./valgrind.supp --num-callers=16 --log-file=log/valgrind206 ../src/c url --output log/curl206.out --include --trace-ascii log/trace206 --trace-time htt

centos dfcp send hostname to microsoft dhcp/dns


I try to configure my dhcp-client to send the hostname to a microsoft
dns/dhcp server.
It doesn t work. Nothing happens.
A debian system works fine so it seems that the microsoft-side isn t
the problem this time.
I found some hints but nothing works.

Thansk for hints.


CentOS will support openssl 1.1.1 in future version of CentOS


There is a plan from CentOS to support OpenSSL 1.1.1 in future versions of CentOS 7 because openssl community has OpenSSL 1.1.1 which was released in Sep 2018 and it has fixed for many vulnerabilities.
And CentOS has 1.0.2k version.

Can you please update on this?


How to get unrelease kernel, e.g. 3.10.0-341.el7


I cloned <a href="" title=""></a> and found that it
only contains kernel version that CentOS released. So how do I get
the kernel version that CentOS not release officialy, e.g.
3.10.0-341.el7 and 3.10.0-383.el7 (some kernel version I found
in kernel.spec's changelog)?


Centos 7 and backup solution

Hey there,
what type of backup solution do you use on C7?

Thanks in advance

10Gbps network interfaces under KVM

Hi all,

Anyone knows if exists some plan to support Intel 10Gbps nics like for example 82575, 82576, 82580 or 82598EB Ethernet controllers under KVM for virtual guest like it does with e1000 driver?

C. L. Martinez

PXEBoot/Diskless client NFS issue

Hey CentOS list!

I've got an oddity with a diskless client setup that I suspect is the
result of the initrd.img I'm using, or some parameter I'm unaware -- or I
need to build my own initrd image (and could use some assistance on what
has to be done in that department)

Testbed is defined as:

ip: with dhcp server, tftp server, nfs server
pxeboot VM, with no local disk, bios set to pxe, same internal network
as VM A
Early on in the boot cycle, it grabs a DHCP address of,
with correct mask, gw etc from VM A

When I start the testbed setup:

C 7 and gssproxy

Ok, folks,

I brought this up some time ago, and got no replies. We have a good
number of systems - > 100 - and we use sssd. On the C 7 boxen, which is
most of them, gssproxy *frequently* (like once a day or so) dies with a
SEGV. It restarts fine. Dies again eventually.

ARE other people seeing this? If so, I guess we get to file a bug
report with upstream. Speaking as an old C programmer, dying with a
SEGV? Really? In production?


Bacula 9.4.1 Dbdriver issue

Hi list,
I created my rpm for Bacula 9.4.1 reading centos srpm spec files. I made
a single package and not split in several packages because this is my
first rpm so I created my spec file taking a cue from bacula-5.3 spec file.

All works as intended, an rpm was created and installed without any not
fixable issue.

After installing my bacula rpm I run a test to see if all works as

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Today's Topics:


Observing deadlock between SIPhandler and SDL Router in CUCM.

Observing deadlock between SIPhandler and SDL Router in CUCM.
Looks like this is fixed in glibc 2.17.162 version, but we see the issue still

<a href="" title=""></a>

Need help to identify the root cause and add a preventive fix.

Here is the error messages:

gdb) thread 40
[Switching to thread 40 (Thread 0xaca90b40 (LWP 5935))]
#3 0xf67fdbd

Last minute speaker needed for FOSDEM Dojo

Hello, friends,

One of the scheduled speakers for the FOSDEM Dojo has had to withdraw at
the last minute due to a medical emergency.

If you will be in Brussels next Friday, and are willing to present on a
CentOS-related topic, please contact me off-list with a proposed title
and abstract, by end of business tomorrow.

Please see <a href="" title=""></a> for an idea
of what kind of talks we already have scheduled.

Thank you!

C7, pulseaudio, multi-user setup

Hello there,

I'm on a CentOS7 laptop, in a Mate session w/ my default user, and in
that desktop, I run apps from other users using sudo, su. It appears
that apps started using sudo or in terminals+su, can't play sound:

[pulseaudio] main.c: User-configured server at {f7ac68929370425d82f882c116a21597}unix:/run/user/1000/pulse/native, refusing to start/autospawn.

User 1000 is my default user. I've searched and read a lot about this
topic, and found many suggestions but none works so far.

What's the correct way to allow all users to play sound in my default
user's desktop session?

dhcp-client should send hostname to dhcp/ dns server


what is the right way in centos7 to configure the dhcp-client so that
the system name is send to the dhcp/dns server (windows-domain).
I found
as entry in the device-config of the network-interface.

Thanks for hints


C7, and my RAID

Ok, I think my only choice at this point is to delete and recreate the
RAID, then restore from backup (oy, 7TB).

I see that I can do an mdadm --remove /dev/md0, then, the page I see that
on, suggests zeroing the superblocks. What would happen if I *don't* zero
the superblocks before doing an mdadm --create? Would I just wind up back
where I am?


Curl spec file

I saw this spec file for curl-7.29:!curl.git/c7/SPECS!curl.spec

And was wondering if you have one for a later version.
And if not, how hard is it to modify the existing one to support later versions.


Where is everyone?

There's usually a lot more traffic here. Just today, I've started
wondering if a lot of folks who are usually here are on furlough, with the
US gov't shutdown.... If so, my condolences, folks.


AMI images on AWS

I asked this on IRC, but posting it here, too, in case someone sees it
here and not there.

Can someone volunteer to respond to this tweet:

"@CentOSProject Can you point me to an active contributor to cloud
images in the community? I've searched before, and failed, and the
CentOS @awscloud AMIs haven't been updated since May 2018 (i.e. are
still on 7.5). <a href="" title=""></a> "

I have no idea how those are updated, or who provided what's there.

C7 radeon driver

Hi, folks,

We've been recently (the last few months) having issues on workstations
with the radeon driver.

Re: [CentOS] C7 and mdadm - apparently SOLVED

Looking around on the Web, what I just tried was to stop the RAID, then do
an --assemble --scan, and *that* found everything, put the raid together,
and appears to be rebuilding using the new drive.


I do find it interesting that scan works, but explicitly assembling
apparently remembers the drive that died, and wouldn't even look at it.


C7 and mdadm

A user's system had a hard drive failure over the weekend. Linux RAID 6. I
identified the drive, brought the system down (8 drives, and I didn't know
the s/n of the bad one. why it was there in the box, rather than where I
started looking...) Brought it up, RAID not working.

Yum refuses to install kmod-8188eu from elrepo

I am having trouble using the realtek wifi chip in my new tp-link
usb wifi dongle.

DevConf.CZ RDO Booth Call For Volunteers and Demos!

Hello one and all!

We are gearing up for DevConf.CZ <>where we'll have
our regular booth presence. We'll continue the ManageIQ / RDO demo we
started last year and we'd love to see your demos, too! If you've got
something you'd like to demo via video OR LIVE because you're not afraid of
ANYTHING, please sign up!

We're also looking for people to spend their precious free time answering
questions at the RDO booth. If you're attending, please consider spending
one or more of your free moments with us.

how to activate the network after an installation


I can t find the switch to activate the network after an installation
without gui.
service network start doesn t work and I don t find any other commands.

Thanks for a hint.


what about CentOS7 ppc64 ?

Just wondering the status of CentOS 7 ppc64, as 7.6.1810 was released on
December 3rd 2018 for all arches *but* ppc64, and no news since.

In the CentOS Infra, I had to maintain ppc64 hosts for both cbs/koji and
other nodes, but as recently, someone decided to archive 7.5.1804 to
vault, and also that there is no ppc64 anymore on mirrors, one having to
deal with ppc64 is now in a position where :
- it's impossible to install new ppc64 host
- it's impossible to just "yum install" anything either

Can we get an official statement from the ppc64 maintainer about this ?
Or should we consider that a

CentOS support of s390x architecture

Hello everyone,
I want to help in building the official centOS support of s390x
architecture for Open Mainframe Project. I have familiarity with Linux
and working with build systems. The task is to "Bootstrap CentOS on Z"
and I need some guidance and reference about where to begin so that I
can start learning and contributing.

C7 and firewalld and ethernet bridge

Does someone have a link to a how-to-do-it with firewalld, not "disable
firewalld and use iptables"?


Re: [CentOS] SElinux AVC signull

Hi Leon,

I don't have access to a CentOS 6.10 system handy, but it looks like a
policy issue. If I take you're ausearch output and pipe it to
audit2allow on my CentOS 7.6 system, I get the following:

#============= httpd_t ==============

#!!!! This avc is allowed in the current policy
allow httpd_t httpd_sys_script_t:process signull;

Noting that on my 7.6 system with selinux enforcing with selinux
policy packages at version 3.13.1-229, it notes that your denial would
not happen.

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