new sclo-php*-php-pecl-redis4 packages available for testing

Yet another package available in centos-sclo-sclo-testing

This extension provides an API for communicating
with Redis servers.

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For rh-php71 (EL-7 only)

* sclo-php71-php-pecl-redis4-4.1.0-1

For rh-php70

* sclo-php70-php-pecl-redis4-4.1.0-1


- this extension is already available, as sclo-php70-php-pecl-redis
and sclo-php71-php-pecl-redis version 3.1.6. But as version 4
introduce some (minor) API changes, we choose to provide it
as a separate package, giving users the choice to install v3 or v4.

- both versions cannot be installed simultaneously.

- new collections (e.g. PHP 7.2, 7.3, ...) will only provide
the v4 package.

- upstream Changelog:
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