a public QA cycle for CentOS-7


In the coming days, we are going to start pushing the buildsystem
content publicly, including binary rpms and tree's as they are
proccessed. It will be very much work-in-progress, and not suiteable to
consume as the end user distro. But very much suiteable for people able
to and willing to help make the CentOS-7 release better.

Fabian Arrotin and Jeff Sheltren have offered to run this effort, and
Christoph Galuschka has offered to help co-ordinate things and help
new-to-testing folks get upto speed quickly.

I realise this is very exciting for a lot of people, including us.
However, this is something new that we are going to be trialling, with
limited resources and in some cases having to build software and
process's as we go along - and doing all this on a fairly tight timeline.

So everyone, please keep an eye out in the coming days for more news
from Jeff and Fabian on a wider announcement and a process that we might
follow to make this QA effort most productive.

- KB


Re: a public QA cycle for CentOS-7

By Jake Shipton at 06/13/2014 - 13:53

On 12/06/14 22:59, Karanbir Singh wrote:
Sounds like a good idea to me and should help CentOS get fixed and
ready for mainstream a lot quicker.

(Assuming those who complain about late releases actually help out
instead of just complaining like children.)

I'll be taking a look at C7-Test when I get a bit of time (I'm on a
tight schedule) if I find any problems I'll let you know :-).

Any idea if pre-built nightly/test ISO files will be available also?

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