Pulling docker images from fails because of certs


I think with the recent change in the package from
python-rhsm-certificates to subscription-manager-rhsm-certificates
doesn't provide the docker registry certs for and user not able to pull any images from
there. Is it intentional or there is some regression?

Below looks like a dead lock to me :(

$ docker pull
Trying to pull repository ...
open /etc/docker/certs.d/ no
such file or directory

$ ls -l /etc/docker/certs.d/
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 27 May 28 08:19
/etc/docker/certs.d/ ->

$ ls -l /etc/rhsm/ca/redhat-uep.pem
ls: cannot access /etc/rhsm/ca/redhat-uep.pem: No such file or directory

$ rpm -ql subscription-manager-rhsm-certificates

$ sudo yum whatprovides "/etc/rhsm/ca/redhat-uep.pem"
python-rhsm-certificates-1.19.10-1.el7_4.x86_64 : Certificates
required to communicate with a Red Hat Unified Entitlement Platform
Repo : base
Matched from:
Filename : /etc/rhsm/ca/redhat-uep.pem

$ sudo yum install -y python-rhsm-certificates
Package python-rhsm-certificates-1.19.10-1.el7_4.x86_64 is obsoleted
by subscription-manager-rhsm-certificates-1.20.11-1.el7.centos.x86_64
which is already installed
Nothing to do