Articles on OpenSSH and Personal Git


Wrote a couple articles on OpenSSH and on running your Git server in a
CentOS 7 environment

<a href="" title=""></a>


<a href="" title=""></a>

And the domain name is honest, there no trackers on that blog. None.

(that blog is actually for a WordPress project not ready for general use
but it seemed like a good place for the articles too)


I am sure they aren't perfect, but they may be of assistance to some.
Any blatant mistakes, I am not above correction.

Git article needs SELinux instructions added for web content served
outside of /var/www/html and the public web git viewer I'm planning to
fork to fix some issues I have it (I'll contribute patches back if they
want them)

I still need to find a CI solution (alternate to Travis-CI) that works
just from standard Git - e.g. a git hook when pushing commits or tagging
a release that pings the CI solution causing it to do a standard git
pull to run the build and unit tests.