BIND (named) as secondary and .jnl files


I have two running BINDs in my LAN, one on my router box and one as VM;
both are caching DNS servers, and a few zones are on both, on the box as
master and on the VM as slave,
but how can I cleanup/flush the growing .jnl files;

rndc freeze
rndc thaw

doesn't work as these are not master ...



Re: BIND (named) as secondary and .jnl files

By Anand Buddhdev at 08/28/2016 - 13:03

Hi Walter,

By default, BIND places no limit on journal files, so they keep growing.
To limit their size, add this to the "options" section of the configuration:

max-journal-size 10m;

You will probably need to flush the zones, stop BIND, remove the large
journals, and then start BIND again.