boot issue with latest kernel

Hi all,

Has anyone seen this issue before? This afternoon, I tried updating a
bare metal CentOS 6 box, and got some odd error messages on the console
during booting kernel 2.6.32-754.11.1. (These aren't exact, I forgot
to try to get a photo of the console.)

sd 0:0:4:0 timed out resetting card
3w-sas timed out resetting card

Then the boot would simply hang, with no obvious disk activity on the
drives and no other messages on the console. Reverting back to an
earlier kernel (2.6.32-431.17.1) was perfectly fine. (Obviously this
is quite old hardware, but until today had never had problems.)

I noticed in the CentOS 6.10 changelog that 3w-sas has been deprecated,
but that it should still be supported. And even if 3w-sas had been
removed, I don't think that wouldn't explain timeouts on sd.

I have done a bunch of searches on the CentOS forums and on the web, but
didn't find anything specific to this issue with various combinations of
the error message keywords. If you have any pointers for me I would
greatly appreciate it!