can XFS filesystem recover rm'ed files?

Yes, I rm'ed the wrong directory. The disk has not been written to since,
now mounted ro. Is it possible to recover the files without doing forensics
on the whole partition? I know the UID and path. XFS is supposed to be
pretty amazing, can I get it to do this?



Re: can XFS filesystem recover rm'ed files?

By Gordon Messmer at 01/07/2019 - 18:03

On 1/7/19 1:28 PM, Dave Burns wrote:

I can't find any reports of successful undelete from XFS.

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Red Hat suggests xfs_irecover, testdisk, and sleuthkit.  Others
recommend photorec.  I don't see XFS undelete support listed on the web
pages for either testdisk or photorec.

Good luck.