Can't boot into GUI: Centos 7 "Server with GUI" option

I'm setting up a new server on Centos 7, running x86_64. Motherboard is a MITAC PD11BICC, running
Indian Bay Trail, with a i915 chipset.

I installed "Server with GUI", but when it boots I get the "blank screen with a cursor" issue.

Decided to see about disabling the i915 driver, by blacklisting it. but I don't think I have the
right commands, as when I did that, it appeared on the reboot the i915 driver was still active.

vi /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist_i915.conf
added the following line to that file
blacklist i915
Saved the file. Rebooted.

The driver seemed to active upon the reboot.

Can someone tell me if this is the correct and full procedure to get rid of this driver.




Re: Can't boot into GUI: Centos 7 "Server with GUI" opt

By James Pearson at 08/09/2018 - 05:19

Jay Hart wrote:
It is probably being loaded by the initramfs image on boot

If you rebuild the initramfs (which you can do by just running
'dracut'), it should honour the current 'blacklist' settings in

James Pearson