CentOS 6 and 389 Directory Server

I'm not sure it this is the correct location to ask these questions, but ...

In the past when I worked for a living the place where I worked had
thousands of RHEL Linux servers on various hardware, but the access was
controlled by Windows Active Directory and a third party piece of
software that was the middle-man between the 2.

Now that I no longer work I'm trying to build a CentOS Linux environment
where the access is controlled by 389-Directory Server. But I have no
practical experience with 389-Directory Server (Question 1) so I'm
looking for a tutorial or 'How To' to put information into 389-DS from a
machine that is currently running? (Question 2) Can I export the 389-DS
database to a LDIF file, migrate my machine from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7 by
doing a fresh CentOS 7 install. Install 389-DS and import the just
created LDIF file?  I want to use 389-DS (or OpenLDAP) because as my
environment grows defining everything locally is becoming hard to be exact.

Any comments will be helpful



Re: CentOS 6 and 389 Directory Server

By Johnny Hughes v... at 02/07/2019 - 17:06

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