CentOS 7, rsyslog and redis

Is there a sensible way to get rsyslog to talk to redis on CentOS 7.
The official way is to use the omhiredis plugin, but that doesn't seem
to exist in the CentOS 7 repositories? (It's how I do it on my Fedora

The long version:

I'm trying to rationalise logging and am using an ELK stack. When I've
done this in the past it has suffered badly from congestion at peak
times with messages being dropped and various issues on the clients.
The sensible thing seemed to be putting redis between the clients and
ELK - that works in my test setup from a Fedora box.

My problem though is ingesting the logs from my CentOS servers. By far
the easiest thing is to get rsyslog to send things directly to redis,
but that needs the omhiredis plugin.

The second choice is to use filebeat to scan the log files - but if I
want to have things like facility and severity logged, I have to use
custom rsyslog templates and it's a pain trying to get filebeat to
parse them (and the filebeat redis output seems a bit flaky as well).

I can see that syslog-ng has redis support, but I would prefer to keep
rsyslog since that is the default.

So, what do people do to ship their logs to ELK (or, specifically,
logstash). Is there some magic, neat solution? Or do I keep just
hammering away at filebeat -> redis -> logstash until I get something
that's reliable? Or do I go down the syslog-ng route?