CentOS for musicians?


still searching but didn't find very precise answers yet, is there a
computer-aided musical creation -oriented flavor of CentOS (like the
Ubuntu Studio)? Or would it be about gathering stuff from different
repos and setting up everything by hand?

A repository that would provide low-latency kernel (realtime one?):
I've found the CentOS-RT from the CERN + (1)).
Specific tools (from Jack/qjackctl, carla, audacity .. to the DAW),
I've found stuff on different repositories.

On a CentOS7 box I could setup jackd, audacity/lmms (from the sources)
and reaper (ardour from nux depo is way to old), I know what to use at
end-user software but would like to find a CentOS variant/repo where
software is recent (sometimes critical for audio devices).

Any advice?

(1) <a href="" title=""></a>