Condor cluster setup advice (pointers) needed

Dear Experts,

Could someone recommend some "quick and dirty" HOWTO on condor based cluster?

A did a bunch of cluster setups, I always used PBS (or torque lately). But
my professor wants his to be Condor. I started reading Condor
documentation, and it is vast. And quick route, like: architecture chart,
and parameters I need to configure on master/submit, and compute nodes -
somehow manages to escape me. I'm at a real loss now. All works well on a
single machine (for quite some time already), but I am clueless about how
to add compute nodes. And my web search abilities seem to have left me
just on this one: all I'm able to find (together with a heap of how to
submit jobs to existing thing) are a couple of "./install" based setups -
whereas mine is rpm based - from their yum repository (for which they say:
DO NOT USE condor_configure script, but go ahead and edit config files ...
- as opposed to "./install")

Any pointers anybody?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Valeri Galtsev
Sr System Administrator
Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics
University of Chicago
Phone: 773-702-4247


Re: Condor cluster setup advice (pointers) needed

By Jonathan Billings at 05/15/2015 - 14:56

On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 06:16:41PM -0500, Valeri Galtsev wrote:
I've run a condor cluster in the past, but I inherited the
configuration and only understood probably 10% of it. It is an
incredibly confusing and complicated system.

Considering that Condor is the G part of Red Hat Enterprise MRG, you'd
think that they'd build a nice interface for configuring Condor, but
I've never seen anything.