DNS bind - use of /etc/named directory


For many years we have modified the '/etc/named.conf' file to include local
settings. The disadvantage with this is of course that when bind is updated, it
creates an '/etc/named.conf.rpmnew' file. We then have to determine what is
new, and apply the relevant changes to our modified named.conf file.

There is, however, an '/etc/named' directory which I assumed was for local
configuration settings. The main '/etc/named.conf' file makes no mention of
this directory, so (I suspect) any config files in '/etc/named' would, by
default, just be ignored.

As far as I can tell we could put our local configuration settings into a file
in '/etc/named', but we would then, once again, have to modify
'/etc/named.conf' to tell it to include config files in '/etc/named'. We would
then be back at square one in that any bind update would create an 'rpmnew'

I admit I haven't actually tested this, but has anyone used the '/etc/named'
directory and not had to modify the main '/etc/named.conf' file?

I suspect, if not, then this should be raised as a possible bug since it would
make sense not to have to modify the main configuration file at all.