epoch rpm el8 obsolete?

I am building a new workstation based on EL8 now. As someone else here mentioned, the raw EL8 distribution
is unusable as a workstation. Therefore I am building lot of additional packages. Today I came across a problem
with a custom package with an Epoch version, that kills the yum/dnf update process (it tries to find a "best"
package etc.). My actually question; is the RPM Epoch stanza obsolete now (for EL8)? I remember that they also
started to delete Groups categories ...


Re: epoch rpm el8 obsolete?

By Stephen John Smoogen at 07/08/2019 - 19:06

On Mon, 8 Jul 2019 at 18:08, Leon Fauster via CentOS < ... at centos dot org>

When I have run into this.. it is usually a modular package which is
installed or available and dnf/yum says 'cant replace X with Y'

Re: epoch rpm el8 obsolete?

By Johnny Hughes v... at 07/09/2019 - 16:54

Am 09.07.2019 um 01:06 schrieb Stephen John Smoogen < ... at gmail dot com>:
I wanted to force our rebuilded package (that include some "desktop" fixes) to be installed. The added Epoch
got in the way of dnf and also "dnf --nobest" didn't help to resolve it. Just to make it efficient I took the
shortcut and useded a %{dist}.1 instead of the Epoch stanza. But good to known that its still valid and with
more time I will check the root cause of my former approach ... thanks.