fingerprint reader on C-7 ???

Hi all!

I just got a new (to me) used laptop (HP EliteBook 8530p) and find that
it has a fingerprint reader.

Wondering if it could be made to work for me (Centos-7) I did a lot
of googling (well, actually duck-duck-go-ing) and found a ton of hits
on either setting it up in Windoze, or others wondering if it can be
used in Linux. Some info on setting it up in Ubuntu, and a couple of
pages on setting it up in Fedora, pages that were ten years old, or so.

Found an academic paper on a group that wrote portable tools in Java
that allegedly enable it in a cross-platfor manner, but not the
software itself.

Does anyone here have any better information on if it is possible,
and if so, how?

thanks in advance!