Location of grub.conf etc. with UEFI boot (CentOS 6)


What's the proper/normal way of setting up GRUB for a CentOS 6
installation that boots using UEFI? I've recently set up such a system,
but for technical reasons I mentioned in an earlier post, I booted in
"legacy" mode during installation, which meant I didn't get the correct
UEFI boot configuration, and had to set it up subsequently "by hand".
I've managed to get the system to start up, but I had to place grub.conf
under "/EFI/redhat/" on the EFI partition; without it, the system only
boots into the grub shell. Is this normal, or is GRUB supposed to be
able to find grub.conf under /boot? If not, how are updates on kernel
upgrade etc. supposed to get done? Do I need a symlink from
/boot/grub/grub.conf to the EFI parition? And will grub-install help
with some of this? I haven't dared to try it, as I'm afraid it may break
everything because it assumes an "MBR" configuration, or something.

Also, how is /boot supposed to be set up anyway? Will it still normally
be configured as a separate partition?

Yeah, I know, I could re-install in UEFI mode (as I think I know how
now), but I'm hoping you will save me from the effort. I also have a
workable system anyhow, but kernel upgrades could be an issue, and it's
nice to know the "right" way of setting up.