Nautilus and umask on CentOS 7 with Gnome3

We have a problem whereby Nautilus is not using the umask setting
defined by the user (e.g. when creating directories via the the 'Places'
menu). The umask used by Nautilus is 022, but the shell umask (in our
case) is set to 002

A quick search seems to suggest that this a common problem, and various
methods are suggested to 'fix' this - the only way that appears to work
on CentOS 7 is to add 'UMask 002' to the '[Service]' section via a unit
file snippet in /etc/systemd/system/display-manager.service.d/ - this
works OK - but it makes the umask a global setting for all users, when
theoretically, different users may want to have different umask settings

Does anyone know the 'proper' way to get Nautilus to use a user's own
umask setting ?


James Pearson