Not able to sync mirror of Centos7 due to CRC checksum errors


yesterday I was trying to create local mirror of CentOS7 using
katello/pulp. I was receiving CRC checksum errors while attempting to sync
the mirror. The particular error in question was:

Feb 12 07:46:34 bazinga pulp: pulp_rpm.plugins.importers.yum.sync:INFO:
[e2cd9930] Generating metadata databases.
Feb 12 07:47:06 bazinga pulp: pulp_rpm.plugins.importers.yum.sync:ERROR:
[e2cd9930] (23897-68256) CRC check failed 0x0 != 0xd61ac297L

The full logs are available here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

I was under the impression that maybe somethinig is broken with
katello/pulp and didn't pursue it further.

Today, I attempted to sync it again with standalone pulp server (without
katello/foreman/candlepin bits) and it failed again with same error. I
tried a different mirror location as well, but received the same CRC check

<a href="" title=""></a>

Then to test whether this is a problem with pulp or the upstream mirror, I
decided to try to sync the CentOS6 repository from the same mirror and so
far it is working.

Can someone please tell me whether there could be any repodata corruption
on the upstream repositories (as unlikely as it sounds)? Or anything which
could prevent me from syncing the mirrors for internal consumption?

Pulp installation is default as per
<a href="" title=""></a>

Any thoughts? I am testing this on the 'generic/centos7' vagrant box.