OT: android phone backup NOT to google cloud question

Dear All,

My apologies for OT question.

I wonder if someone of Android smartphone owners backs up their device
and user/application data NOT to google cloud.

I just had to get new smartphone, and discovered that short of rooting
device or unlocking bootloader and flashing one of "un-googled" android
builds I can not find the way to back up everything. To my storage, NOT
TO GOOGLE CLOUD that is. adb lets me back up system and applications
(and data on add-on flash card), but not application data stored in
internal storage (say, off-line maps downloaded by offline map application).

I knew when buying android ("gogloid") I'm not becoming an owner of the
device. I also know that after flashing one of "un-googled" systems
(waiving off the warranty on that device) I will not get rid of all
google code. There is proprietary chunk of it the android kernel... Plus
proprietary drivers ("blobs" is the word android people use if I'm not
mistaken). I also have seen google "appliances" on several "big" (say,
class B) networks, not registered in DNS, carrying non-routable
("private address space") IP addresses, which are resolved as google by
DNS servers provided to DHCP clients inside these networks... So, no, I
have no illusion about getting away from almighty big brother.

I just want my data backed up to my device, accessible to me and usable
for recovery without need of network access, and existence of some third
party servers on the network.

I know, Apple iDevices are a bit better data wise, and Apple has [quite]
a bit better reputation, though these are still Apple devices, not yours ;-)


Any advise, anybody?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Valeri Galtsev
Sr System Administrator
Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics
University of Chicago
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Re: OT: android phone backup NOT to google cloud questi

By Scott Robbins at 05/15/2019 - 11:00

On Wed, May 15, 2019 at 09:21:34AM -0500, Valeri Galtsev wrote:
I'm not sure if you would get all data, but wouldn't something like
mounting the phone with simple-mtpfs and then rsyncing it to a directory
on your machine (then moving it elsewhere if desired) serve the purpose.
Actually, I think even if you back it all up to the cloud, if you have to
restore, there will always be something missing.

For example, I recently got a phone running Android 9 and though it had
copied some custom ringtones, it didn't see them. I had to re-encode them
specifying a bitrate to get it working.

Whether Apple or Google, they seem to make it harder to keep control over
your device with each iteration. I think it was Corey Doctorow who once
wrote something like, No one ever woke up and said, Gee I hope there's an
iTunes update that will let me do less with my device.

But I digress. Assuming this is all data which can be seen by a computer,
something like simple-mtpfs would let you copy it all to your hard drive.

Re: OT: android phone backup NOT to google cloud questi

By Walter H. at 05/15/2019 - 10:37

On 15.05.2019 16:21, Valeri Galtsev wrote:
and the most important: you can select by this criteria; other things
like camera, ... are less important, its a phone ...

Re: OT: android phone backup NOT to google cloud questi

By m.roth at 05/15/2019 - 12:23

Walter H. wrote:
About iphones...

An anonymous reader writes:
A recent vulnerability in WhatsApp shows that there's little defenders can
do to detect and analyze iPhone hacks. Some iOS security experts say this
is yet another incident that shows iOS is so locked down it's hard -- if
not impossible -- to figure out if your own iPhone has been hacked.

[...] "The simple reality is there are so many 0-day exploits for iOS,"
said Stefan Esser, a security researcher that specializes in iOS. "And the
only reason why just a few attacks have been caught in the wild is that
iOS phones by design hinder defenders to inspect the phones." As of today,
there is no specific tool that an iPhone user can download to analyze
their phone and figure out if it has been compromised. In 2016, Apple took
down an app made by Esser that was specifically designed to detect
malicious jailbreaks.


mark, happy with his flipphone cellular telephone....

Re: OT: android phone backup NOT to google cloud questi

By Valeri Galtsev at 05/15/2019 - 10:58

On 2019-05-15 09:37, Walter H. wrote:
Thanks, Walter. I do host our own: owncloud (the one nextcloud forked
off), and I do have my important data synced through it.

There are though on android device applications that you can not
configure to store data in different location from what programmer
programed in. These go to /data/data on android, and I can do nothing
about these. Say, if I want that place to be inside what ownclud
(nextcloud) syncs, permissions of android system will stop me from
accessing it on the device anyway. Overcoming which will need rooting
the system. Dough.

Thanks anyway!

There may be yet even more "overpriced" device available some day:

<a href="" title=""></a>

which has no proprietary code in it whatsoever, and being divorced from
big brother (with uncounted and unaccounted for taxpayers money), it
definitely costs what it costs to be built for small consumer base and
without portion of cost covered by some other parties... Anyway, Apple
device gives cost of its built for big consumer base without portion of
cost covered by other interested parties... In other words, the old
truth stands: you pay anyway (if not money, then by something else).