Problem with


I wanted to create an account on to report a minor but
annoying bug with Dolphin.

After trying to register by providing the login (kikinovak) and email
address (<a href="mailto: ... at microlinux dot fr"> ... at microlinux dot fr</a>), I'm told that the email is already in use.
Uh oh. Maybe I already created an account years ago and then forgot
about it. So I click on the field for forgotten passwords, only to be
told that there is no one under that name or email address.

So I'm hitting a wall. Maybe one of the admins of is
reading this and can help me out?




Re: Problem with

By Fabian Arrotin at 06/11/2018 - 03:36

On 11/06/18 08:56, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
Replying "off-list" but account was created in 2016 ..