Re: [CentOS] CentOS 7.5 (1804) and NetworkManager

Gnome's control-center now requires NetworkManager-wifi. But it's only a
soft requirement, no shared libs involved.

To keep your workstation NM-free, you want to install a dummy package
that provides NetworkManager-wifi but actually contains nothing, ideally
before updating to 7.5. Here's a script to create such a dummy:
<a href="" title=""></a>

If you do this, control-center shows a sad face and some text (Oops,
blah, blah, ...) in the WiFi tab. Just the same you always got in the
network tab without NM. That's all.



Re: CentOS 7.5 (1804) and NetworkManager

By James Hogarth at 05/16/2018 - 07:55

On 15 May 2018 at 16:55, Michael Lampe < ... at gcsc dot> wrote:
Note that the 'network' service is considered legacy and gets just basic fixes.

It's not been recommended to disable NetworkManager for years at this point.

Unless you have a really tricky setup with openvswitch or something
like that it's a bad idea to disable NetworkManager at this point in

As yourself why you are doing it, and what you are really hoping to gain.

Have a read of this to get a better grasp on NM:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Re: CentOS 7.5 (1804) and NetworkManager

By Niki Kovacs at 05/16/2018 - 08:14

Le 16/05/2018 à 13:55, James Hogarth a écrit :
I've been a Slackware user for years before definitely moving to CentOS
in April 2017. Those Slackware years have conveyed a deep sense of the
KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. I just remove stuff I have no
use for, for a variety of reasons.

For example, I usually remove firewalld on a fresh installation, since I
prefer a good old iptables script.

But then, I'll just go with the flow and adapt, and if Red Hat decides I
have to use NetworkManager to configure a DHCP desktop client, so be it.