slow libreoffice


so what do I need to install to prevent libreoffice from being so slow
that it becomes unusable?

This issue has been there with Fedora years ago, and now there´s same
issue with Centos. Back then, there was a package you could install to
make it work at normal speeds, but last time I checked, this package
doesn´t exist anymore.

This issue is particular to the Fedora/Centos versions of libreoffice
and does not occur with other builds like the one you can download from
the libreoffice web site.

I was trying to make a chart and it became so slow that it´s unusable. I
guess scrolling is only fast enough because I have a powerful graphics


Re: slow libreoffice

By vychytraly . at 11/12/2017 - 09:30

do you use libreoffice as rpm package or flatpak?