Solarflare SFC9000 direct connection

hi guys

I wonder if any of you might be using SFN6122F-R7 SFP+ (SFC9000, same
firmware everywhere, Centos 7.5 too.

I'm trying poor man's setup to get the servers onto 10GbE network.

Setup is such that three Dell R815 are connected to each other, each has
one Solarflare(SFP ports) and each Solarflare is set as net-team(both
ports on a card are net-team device) with runner in broadcast mode. And
it all seems to work, they ping each other, iperf okey.

The problem, big problem is that when traffic start to flow between all
three servers simultaneously, with rsync for example, then!! one box
gets shoot in the head, hard reset, gone. Every time same one box.

Sure there are some bits that run on that one box that are not on the
other two.

Now, I know you would normally put it via a switch, but like I said:
poor man's config, but you would not expect system to die like this
neither, right?

many thanks, L.


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