Weird problems with CentOS 7.6 1810 installer


I just updated my installation media for CentOS. I have a few sandbox
PCs in my office, and I'm testing CentOS 7.6 1810 on them. There seem to
be a few issues with the CentOS 7.6 1810 DVD.

Checked DVD integrity on startup : OK.

First attempt : installer froze on root password dialog.

Second attempt : installer froze on dependency calculation.

Third attempt : installer froze on network interface definition.

Similar behavior on two different machines.

On the same machine, the minimal DVD seems to work OK.

I could manage to switch to another virtual console, and I have the
following kernel log messages:

WARNING: kernel:perf: interrupt took too long

Any idea what's going on here?

I should add that all the previous CentOS 7 installation DVDs worked
perfectly on these PCs (Dell Optiplex 330).