Xnest and gnome

I still don't like gnome....

Got a user who wants the "whole gnome experience" (i.e., he can't deal w/
the command line), so I'm testing this: I'm running 6.5, KDE. On the
server, I've installed both Xnest, "Gnome Desktop Environment", and "X
Window System". Xnest works fine, I can start xclock, or an xterm, but if
I try DISPLAY=:1, I see the taskbar and top bar start to appear on the
Xnest window, and then it crashes. Most recently, I've been using Xnest
-query hostname :1 to start....

I *suspect* it has something to do with .Xauthority or something in my
home directory, NFS mounted, of course, on both my workstation and the
server, but....

Any clues or suggestions? The messages when it crashes start with:

Error: (9) Connection ":1.246" is not allowed to own the service
"org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerUserSettings" due to security policies in
the configuration file

Xlib: extension "RANDR" missing on display ":1".
Xlib: extension "RANDR" missing on display ":1".
Xlib: extension "DPMS" missing on display ":1".
X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
Major opcode of failed request: 73 (X_GetImage)
Serial number of failed request: 5764
Current serial number in output stream: 5764
gnome-panel: Fatal IO error 0 (Success) on X server :1.