2019-03-11 @ ** 15:00 ** UTC - Fedora QA Meeting

# Fedora Quality Assurance Meeting
# Date: 2019-03-11
# Time: ** 15:00 ** UTC
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# Location: #fedora-meeting on

Greetings testers!

We didn't get through the whole agenda last week, so let's meet up
again this week and finish it off.

Please note that the meeting time is changing to 15:00 UTC this time,
as North America (along with some but not all other places) starts
daylight savings time on Sunday. If your region observes DST and you
are setting your clocks forward on Sunday, the meeting will be at the
same local time as usual. If DST starts later in your region or it does
not observe DST at all, the meeting will be *one hour earlier* in your
local time. If you're unsure, you can run 'date -u' to see what UTC
time it is right now, and you can use a site like to
figure out what local time 2019-03-11 15:00 UTC is :)

If anyone has any other items for the agenda, please reply to this
email and suggest them! Thanks.

== Proposed Agenda Topics ==

1. Previous meeting follow-up
2. Fedora 30 status
3. Fedora 31 Change review: Rawhide package gating
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4. Release criteria / test case proposal status
5. Test Day / community event status
6. Open floor