4 Remaining OPEN F13Blocker bugs

Greetings folks,

Just a quick update on the status of F13Blocker. According to the
schedule [1], Fedora 13 is scheduled to enter the release candidate
phase *today*, May 6, 2010. In order to enter this phase, all OPEN
F13Blocker bugs must be in MODIFIED or ON_QA.

The numbers are certainly moving in the right direction. Thank you all
for being on top of your bugs. There are now only 4 OPEN (NEW +
ASSIGNED) issues remaining (see list below).

To get a bug off the list, you can ...
1. Resolve the issue as desired (followed by a build and F13 bodhi
2. Prove there is minimal, or no, impact to the Fedora Release
Criteria [2]

Use your last minute analogy of choice (end game, final lap, eleventh
hour, don't cut the blue wire (just seeing if you're paying attention)).
Today is the scheduled date for creating the Fedora 13 release
candidate. Any delays in creating the release candidate put Fedora 13
at risk for a 1 week slip.


<a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

= anaconda =
* 571900 (<a href="mailto: ... at redhat dot com"> ... at redhat dot com</a>) NEW - Keyboard mapping not correct
(USA instead of Belgium) when first login after install Fedora
13 Alpha -
* 588597 (<a href="mailto:anaconda-maint- ... at redhat dot com">anaconda-maint- ... at redhat dot com</a>) NEW - "DeviceError:
('device has not been created'

= kernel =
* 587171 (<a href="mailto: ... at redhat dot com"> ... at redhat dot com</a>) ASSIGNED - Intel kms leads to an all
black display

= preupgrade =
* 587627 (<a href="mailto: ... at hughsie dot com"> ... at hughsie dot com</a>) ASSIGNED - Kickstart file is not
generated when no space for install.img


Re: 4 Remaining OPEN F13Blocker bugs

By =?ISO-2022-JP?B... at 05/06/2010 - 10:55


These day I find nouveau kms can work corectly. After booting kernel and
loading drm, then the monitor turns to sleep mode and leads to an all black.
But I look for bugzilla and do not find out the similar bug report.

Here is my HW:
<a href="" title=""></a>

I have tested kernel- and the latest nouveau dirver
on Koji. It fails to boot into gdm.

Liang Suilong