Announcing base runtime

Now that our Modularity infrastructure is in a good enough shape
to build RPM-based modules, it's about time we start creating
some modular content.

For organizational purposes, we decided to create a separate
Modularity group that would focus on defining a base set of
modules that other, mostly application-style/level modules
could build and depend on. This set would include modules
responsible for booting the system, providing administration
and configuration facilities and tools, and possibly also
various language runtimes. All these should provide a solid
and stable API/ABI and should serve as a foundation of a
distribution release. In a way.

The minimal, shared core of this whole thing, mostly dedicated
to lighting up the hardware (where applicable) is something
we've decided to call the "base runtime". The rest of the
abovementioned modules would fit into something bigger -- a thing
we could refer to as "platform runtime" for now. There are no
definitive answers to what component should go into which module
at this point. That's something we yet have to figure out.

This new group will focus on research and exploring various
possibilities how to put the distribution together, the
modular way. It is still part of the Modularity initiative and
therefore should be discussed, at least for now, on this list,
on the #fedora-modularity IRC channel and during the Modularity
WG meetings. There is, however, a separate Taiga board (still
empty at this point) --
<a href="" title=""></a>

Don't be shy and share your opinions on this.
All feedback is appreciated!