Autumn Elections 2017: Voting period for FESCo postponed for 3 days

For the currently running election cycle (Autumn 2017) to FESCo, we
have open 5 seats. During the Nomination period we have received 6
nominations to FESCo [1].

As the following rules of the FESCo election policy [2] are declaring :

* A minimum number of candidates are necessary in order to hold an
election. This will be the number of open seats + 25%.
* If not enough candidates have signed up by the deadline, the
election may be delayed waiting for more candidates to appear, in
coordination with the schedule for combined Fedora elections. If there
are still not enough candidates, the candidates who are present will
be voted upon (or merely confirmed if there are less candidates than
open seats.)

I requested a guidance from Fedora Council [3] with conclusion to
prolong the Nomination period for 3 days and postpone start of the
Voting period for the same time. As of now the schedule for FESCo
elections is as follows:

Nov 21 - Dec 07: Nomination & Campaign period
Dec 08 - Dec 18: Voting period
Dec 19: Result Announcement

The Voting to FESCo is going to be available in the Voting app [4] on
December 8th.

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