Bringing order to the confusing module stream and profile names

There are module streams named 'latest', 'stable', or 'master', but it's
not quite clear what exactly those mean. Some modules even have the
'master' and the 'latest' streams at the same time which feels quite

In a similar manner, there are various unclear profile names, too.
Especially the one called 'default', not always being the default profile.
I see a module having three profiles called 'default', 'client' and
'server', and the 'server' is the default. What does the one named
'default' represent, then?

We need to bring some order into this.

The Modularity team has published naming guidelines [1] covering some of
the cases, but we've recognized it doesn't cover all the cases and that it
needs an overall refresh.

So let's start with identifying different cases that should have a unified
name — let's say by Monday 18 March. And then, when we see all of them
listed, we can name them in a clear and consistent manner.

I've started a list below, let's add to it and discuss. Some of them might
get merged into one, others might get split into more.

== Streams

A) Nightly developer builds
B) The latest stable release, automatically switching to the next latest
stable when available
C) Stable rolling release for projects without a clear versioning scheme
D) Devel/unstable rolling release for projects without a clear versioning

I'm leaving out the version-specific streams such as X or X.Y or even
X.Y.Z, as well as the 'calver' ones as they work fine and we're not
changing these.

== Profiles

a) The most common installation if there is one
b) The client-side installation
c) The server-side installation
d) Installation providing a development environment such as -devel packages

Any other common cases for streams or profiles that need a unified name?
Let's try to find them all by Monday 18 March.


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