broken package needs attention: libgda


The "libgda" package is quite broken in fedora, which is impacting
dependent programs.

- The last successful build of libgda was for the fedora 24 (!) mass
rebuild. No more recent builds succeeded, and the packages was reported as
- Not even the latest version is packaged (5.2.2 instead of 5.2.4).

This is leading to problems in all current releases of fedora. For example,
the mysql database provider can't be installed anymore, because libgda
wasn't rebuilt for soname bumps in mariadb/mysql.

Packages depending on libgda include:

- anjuta
- glom
- gnumeric-plugins-extras
- gtranslator
- noise
- sequeler

Is there any procedure for dealing with a package that's obviously outdated
and broken (and has been for 3 fedora releases), but is still depended on
by other packages?

There has been an open bug report [0] about the FTBFS issues, but no
actions have been taken so far by the package maintainer(s).


[0]: <a href="" title=""></a>