efivar and mokutil long standing FTBFS

efivar and mokutil fail to build from source. They have been retired, then
unretired and they still fail to build from source.

Following the policy:
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I kindly ask the maintainers to rebuild them or orphan them if they cannot take
care of them.

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Re: efivar and mokutil long standing FTBFS

By Peter Robinson at 08/13/2019 - 13:43

Firstly they're just FTBFS in F-30.... This isn't exactly long
standing, if it was F-26 like some that were retired I could
completely understand that statement but F-30 is pushing the rhetoric
a bit here.

What do you mean by retired and unretired and still FTB?

Maybe you're not aware of this thing called RHEL-8, maybe the
maintainer has been snowed under and as they stand they work as
intended and it's not exactly a complete drama if they're not fixed
right away. Or maybe he's drowning in email from the 8+ pointless
repetitive bug updates that have been added to the bugs.

I happen to know he's working on updates to them, but he also has
other priorities.

There really has to be a better way to deal with this, I spoke with
many people, that are drowning in pointless email, like weekly SPAM
reminders are really too much. One group I had a discussion with are
well aware of the problems of their FTB packages but have other
priorities and fix them when they get moments between the tidal waves.

For example the OLPC/sugar stuff I do I'm slowly, as I and they get
time, training others up on the packaging/Spin side of things,
upstream is moving towards python3 and everyone is aware of this and
the issues involved, but while we do this we now have hours of extra
work to do because a whole bunch of the packages have been ripped out
from under us in the process without proper notification if you happen
to miss an email to devel, or in some of the people I'm working with
aren't even on devel. PLEASE make it stop.... I'm actually considering
stopping most of my work in Fedora because it makes me way too anxious
to continue and that coming from me is something, I'd really hate to
think how many silent contributors we're losing from this.