F27 System Wide Change: perl Package to Install Core Modules

= Proposed System Wide Change: perl Package to Install Core Modules =
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Change owner(s):
* Petr Písař <ppisar AT redhat DOT com>

dnf install perl will install all core Perl modules that come with
Perl upstream sources.

== Detailed Description ==
Upstream releases Perl interpreter together many Perl modules. This
set of modules is called core modules. Fedora splits the modules into
subpackages so that installing perl package results in stripped-down
set of modules. Fedora documents this as a feature and provides
perl-core to metapackage that allows installing all the core modules
as is intended by upstream.

Unfortunately this seems to be confusing to Perl users because Fedora
is the only distribution doing so.

To align Fedora's behaviour to upstream and other distributions this
change will rename perl package to perl-interpreter and perl-core
package to perl'. This will allow installing all core Perl modules
with dnf install perl while still retain the possibility to install
only a minimal perl interpreter (/usr/bin/perl) with dnf install

This change will also update Fedora Packaging Guidelines for Perl to
all spec files that require perl to use perl-interpreter instead.
There is only 81 binary packages affected. They will rebuilt.
Otherwise no mass rebuild won't be necessary.

To ease sharing spec files with older Fedoras, perl-interpreter
provide will add to perl package there.

== Scope ==
* Proposal owners:
- Submit Fedora Packaging Guidelines for Perl update to Fedora
Packaging Committee.
- Update and rebuild perl source package.
- Add Provides: perl-interpreter to perl package in older Fedoras.
- Replace BuildRequires and Requires for perl with perl-interpreter in
all spec files.
- Rebuild packages with replaced Requires to propagate the change to
- Replace perl-core with perl in compose groups definition.

* Other developers:
Get familiar with new Fedora Packaging Guidelines for Perl.

* Release engineering:
No action needed. Request to check of an impact with Release
Engineering: <a href="" title=""></a>

* List of deliverables:
Anything what contains perl package

* Policies and guidelines:
Fedora Packaging Guidelines for Perl update request (
<a href="" title=""></a> ) to use perl and
perl-interpreter instead of perl-core and perl.

Trademark approval:
N/A (not needed for this Change)


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Dne 15.6.2017 v 14:25 Jan Kurik napsal(a):
The modules will be weak dependencies, i.e. Recommends, right?